Monday, October 08, 2007

God Don't Like Ugly!

Somebody has a massive bitch-slap that is far overdue. Oh, I'm sorry. Have I told you how much I can't stand Usher's baby daddy, Tameka "ManFace" Raymond? Ever since these two totally defied the biological laws of procreation, my perplexity has rapidly morphed into disgust. Now, here is ManFace acting a diva-licious fool at a photoshoot, like someone owes his ass the time of day.

I honestly believe that Usher is faking his love for ManFace out of fear of the consequences of leaving. I mean, it's intimidating enough to be dating a tranny whose penis is bigger than yours, but if he/she threatens to eat you if you walk out...that can make life difficult. They need Jesus.


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