Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bitchin' Out

Yeah, Yeah, I know what I said about the vacation, but this shit was irking the hell out of me. Besides, I can't escape my one true love. Alright, let's get down to business.

Letoya Luckett's self-titled solo album was released on Tuesday as you should already know and was expected to move major units. So, refusing to have any attention taken away from her (especially by her ex-bandmate), Be-Yawn-Ce' and her camp placed a pre-order option on iTunes for her upcoming album B'Day on the same week of Letoya's debut. Now I don't wanna hear any fucking excuses from you Knowles fanatics, because the bitch knew what she was doing. It was an evil move in means to knock the spotlight off of Letoya and sadly enough, the shit worked. I think Ms. Thing has been hanging around Fraggle Rock for way too long and he's tutoring her on a couple of his dastardly deeds of musical sabotage.

Since I'm already on the topic, I'll just mention something else that I noticed. Ever since Destiny's Child announced that they weren't going to be a group any longer, it seems like all the ex-members have been flying to recording studios on rocketships. First we had the young lady above, now her girl LaTavia Robinson is preparing an album after she claimed she was done with the music indsutry. Also, a female by the name of Támar Davis is hitting the scene after departing from the group back in "Girls Tyme" days. Seems like the rejects are strappin down their wigs and preparing for war. Somebody needs to call Farrah Franklin and give that bitch some inspiration as well.


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