Friday, July 21, 2006

The Violence Continues

I might have been wrong about Loon getting his ass whooped up in Harlem, because according to the hood, he's got a good set of hands on him. Of course, when asked about the altercation between him and 40 Cal, he claimed he "beat the shit" out of him. I'm sorry, I just find that so hard to believe. Maybe it's because he smiles so damn much, like he just got two gumballs out the machine in front a bodega with one quarter. This is what 4o Cal had to say about the fight and Loony Toon's comments:

"I'm a tell niggas the real story, cause I'm a real nigga. I'm in the barbershop, me and Loon got the same barber, he's from the hood. Prior to the incident I'm about to explain- I ain't see the nigga in like two years, I heard he moved to Atlanta or some shit. So I'm getting my hair lined-up or whatever by the barber, here comes Loon walking in. He walks and talks to some of the barbers, they all cool, this shit is like that show 'The Shop', you feel what I'm saying? Everybody know each other and all that, just cool shit.

I'm getting my cut (and) this nigga comes in and he says my name like in a joking way like "Yo 40" like he saying what up to me. I said nothing. I continued getting my cut. He's mad with a couple people in back of me, I dont know, they talking or whatever. Loon is in back of them, he grabs a shovel from the closet and out of nowhere he swings while I'm getting my line-up and he hits me in the shoulder. So I get up looking at him, he swings again, I block it with my arm and snuff em. He dropped the shovel and I threw 'em in the chairs. He's under me, cause I threw him in the chairs and he tries to pick me up. He almost picks me up, but I snuffed him again, so he dropped me. He falls off me then niggas break it up.

I tell the nigga 'Let's take it outside, lets fight again', like you know let's get it over with, you got some shit on ya chest. The nigga grabs the shovel again. I say 'You can't fight without the shovel', the nigga drops the shovel, go runs and jumps in some little hooptie. I didn't start laughing, I'm still mad at what the fucks going on. I just go finish getting my line and call a couple of my niggas and call it a day. He wasn't nowhere to be found for the day, so that's the story.

I mean if a nigga wanna get points off of that, cause he mad at Jimmy so he try to get at me and try to get a point, he got nothing, he lost points. I heard he broke his pinkie after the whole incident. Got a few marks on his face or some dumb shit from the couple jabs I gave em. Me? it's nothing wrong with me, like it's verified, I done took a couple pictures, I'm about to do another video. I might make another mixtape called 'Don't beat me in my head' Volume 1. So whatever, I'll see em when I see em ya dig, it's nothing."

Well his story matches up very well with the one the witness told over on and it is quite detailed. So, I'm sticking to my original theory.


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