Wednesday, October 11, 2006

.. Bits & Pieces ..

Akon is Feeling Himself
The celebrity movie biopic list just got longer. Akon has decided that he too will turn his life story in to a film entitled, Illegal Alien (*chuckle*) . Although I'm sticking to my idea that musicians should not be making movies or books about themselves until they have released more than one good album (Fantasia & Mike Jones; I'm talking to your asses), I think Bakon Akon's film might be a good one. He has quite an incredible story behind him, so it could be a success. I just hope we will be able to see his dark black ass, because you know once the moon comes up that nigga becomes invisible.

We No Love You Long Time
Jay-Z had planned to fly to China later this month to do his first concert in the country ever, but the show was canceled by the Culture Ministry due to his "vulgar language". Yeah, I think, "In the cut where I keep em/til I need a nut/ til I need to beat the guts/then it's, beep beep and I'm pickin em up/Let em play with the dick in the truck" might have hurt a few feelings. So, it's probably better to just skip that show than to get 20,000 spicy tuna rolls chucked at your head. It's for the best.

Baby Blues
The Game got on a few British bad sides Monday night when he brought his 3-year old son, Harlem, on-stage with him during a show recording. The toddler who was watching the show off-stage was later picked up by his daddy who then carried him around the set while performing his next song. After being let down by his father the little boy was reluctant to walk back to the wings. A witness said,

"It was quite disturbing. The kid was obviously confused by all the noise and lights and initially couldn't find his way off stage. I don't think it's very appropriate for performers to parade their kids like that, especially when they're as young as that child."

I don't see the big deal here. He loves his son and wanted to hold on to him during a show. It's not like he was teaching the kid how to cock a pistol up there. Calm down.


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