Saturday, October 07, 2006

Def Jam Is Pissed

It's been a fair number of hours since Jay-Z's new single, "Show Me", was leaked onto the Internet, and while many of his fans have been mopping their saliva off the ground with excitment, Def Jam Records is getting ready to explode.

While millions of fans are not complaining about today's (Oct. 6) leak of Jay-Z's single "Show Me What You Got" his label, Def Jam is taking the breach seriously and may pursue legal action against the individual responsible for the leak.

"The FBI may do an investigation into this," an anonymous source told "Everything has been under lock and key, so we have no idea how the single was leaked."

Okay, this is what I'm talking about. Lupe Fiasco's entire album was leaked before it's release and the same thing happened to Pharrell. Nobody complained then. I never heard anybody at Def Jam huffing or puffing when The Roots and Method Man's albums got leaked, but all of a sudden Fraggle Rock has one single leaked (a single which is garbage by the way) and the world is on meltdown mode. C'mon! I can name 20 other artists whose singles were leaked this week alone. Get over it, because it's not that serious.


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