Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Power of the Superfriends

Nas has been giddy about his new friendly little relationship with Jay-Z lately. He told the media that their on-stage collabo at last week's London show won't be their last. In fact, Nas is hoping that the two of them can fly to Africa together. Aww! How romantic.

"There are some conversations me and Jay are having about doing some more tour dates. Nothing is confirmed, but there are some serious conversations about Africa and a few other countries. I would like to do the Africa thing. And that would be about it, because it's the most important thing for Africans to see two African-Americans, their lost children, who's been the head of hip-hop culture." [ source ]

Okay, so it's not a date, but maybe we'll catch a few photos of them running through the Savannah holding hands or sharing a roasted snake on a stick.


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