Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Being Invaded

STAR Jones and her hubby, Al Reynolds, have fled Manhattan for the sunnier climes of Miami while they try to come up with new careers. Spies say they've holed up in a rented apartment in South Beach to "escape from the pressure of New York" while she flies back and forth to L.A. in attempts to get her own talk show and Reynolds writes his autobiography.
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Listen Star, you and your zesty little pickle-kissing sidekick better get the hell up out of my city. We already have half of New York's celebrity roster snatching up Miami houses and blasting insurance up into the heavens as it is. I don't need you two dramatic cunts stinking up my South Beach air. Trust and believe that if I see Madame Al making a 3am streetwalking cruise up Collins Avenue, I'm running his ass over. You won't like it here.


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