Friday, October 13, 2006

Negro, Shut Up!

"When (50 Cent) looks at himself in the mirror at home he probably drops tears 'cos no matter what he does I'm flat out better than him. G-Unit is dead as a brand. People just aren't into wearing their stuff anymore because I came out and dismantled their whole crew, record label and a group. God bless him and his whole crew because I'm gonna get money and I'm gonna stump a hole in their face until they're finished." -- The Game tells MTV News

Jayceon sure knows how to promote an album, doesn't he? It was less than a month ago that he got on the radio pratically begging 50 Cent to end their fued and now all of a sudden he's back to talking trash. All I'm saying is, either Game is using the stale beef as a publicity stunt or the nigga has a severely powerful case of bipolar disorder. I just wish he'd hop off of Curtis' head and shaft. That "G-UNot" mess has been tired.

Speaking of 50 Cent, the rap/gorilla man has teamed up with Ciara to record a track called "Dope Boys" (produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins) which will appear on her upcoming album in November.


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