Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So Over It

That's right. Cheese it up, ladies. We all know that behind those wax-like smiles live the souls of pure racists. Ha-Ha!

-- THAT sigh of relief Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles, breathed last week may have been premature. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Herman Kahn threw out former business associate Greg Walker's lawsuit seeking $1.5 million from their House of Dereon fashion line, but Walker vows to appeal. "I'll never give up, because I know I'm right," he told Page Six. The judge ruled that Walker's oral agreement - giving him a 10 percent commission for setting up the $15 million deal that created the company - wasn't worth the paper it wasn't printed on. "The judge was star-struck," Walker said. And the Knowleses are subconsciously racist, he added. "I believe if I was white, I would have been paid."

Negro, just get a new job. The Knowles Klan isn't racist - they just hate everybody without a magic lacefront. Got one? Didn't think so. Get on their level, hoe!


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