Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ozone Clips

Well, here are some of the videos from the 2nd Annual Ozone Awards like I promised. Before you go clicking away, please note that I am no flimmaker and my videographic skills are not top notch. So, if the camera shakes or someone gets in the way of your favorite artist, don't blame me.

I picked the clip above of Lil' Duval as the main video to give you an idea of what the overall mood of the show was like. Yep...dull. Check out the others that I had patience to upload below.

Watch Me: Plies performs live w/ T-Pain

Watch Me: The Bay Area gets hypy

Watch Me: Jim Jones & Juelz Santana present Best Male Rap Artist

Watch Me: Rich Boy performs live w/ Polow da Don

Watch Me: Buckeey & Tango present Best Female Rap Artist (please watch and listen)

Watch Me: The Shop Boyz perform live

Watch Me: Lloyd performs live w/ Lil' Wayne


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