Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lord, Why?

It's always uncomfortable to see artists that you have held respect and admiration for over so many years shrivel up and lose their damn minds (Lil' Kim and Lauryn, I'm talking to your asses too). Foxy Brown just can't seem to keep her black ass out of the fryer these days and she only makes her situation worse as the world turns.

Foxy Brown, who is currently serving a one-year prison sentence on New York’s Riker’s Island for a probation violation, refused to board a prison bus to a Brooklyn courthouse three times on Friday (October 12). According to the New York Post, the troubled Brooklyn born MC missed the first bus because she needed more time to work on her appearance. “She wanted to have an opportunity to change her clothes and put on makeup and be a bit more prettied up for court,” said prosecutor Robert Isdith. Foxy then reportedly refused to board a second bus because she hadn’t eaten lunch. Her reasons for missing the third bus were not explained. Foxy was scheduled to be arraigned on charges related to her alleged assault of a neighbor with her Blackberry back in July. Justice John Ingram, described as clearly annoyed, rescheduled the appearance for Tuesday (October 16). [ source ]

Okay Fox, first of all, nobody gives a damn what you look like in court. All that spearmint colored eyeshadow and those long ass press-ons...you can leave them in your cell. Secondly, what does it matter if you didn't eat lunch? They have vending machines at the courthouse. You could have gotten a bag of Fun-Yuns and a Tropicana on the way in! Now you're probably going to get into more trouble then before!

Damn, black folks in the system be trippin!


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