Monday, July 31, 2006

Chopped & Screwed

[Photo via Dee @ Cake & Ice Cream ]

Ludacris was one of many great performers at last week's KUBE 93 SummerJam concert, and he showed up with quite an altered look. He stuffed a T-shirt in his back pocket - I mean, who still does that? Oh yeah, and he cut his hair. I guess he got tired of riding down to the southside to get braided up by Aquanaisha every weekend, so he just chopped the locks off. Admittedly, I did believe the man was going to look stupid when I heard he did this. I expected like a raggedy $5 buzz-cut or something, but the new look fits him. However, it does make his nose look bigger than ever before, no?

You can also see Luda rockin his mini-mini-fro in the video for his new single, "Moneymaker", which he is currently shooting right here in the MIA.


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