Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Baddest Bitch Is Back!

Ms. Trina is aware of the shit Khia has been talking and has expressed her feelings towards it in a new diss record called, What's Beef . People should know not to fuck with the Diamond Princess, because she's definitely not as easy-going as she looks. As a matter of fact she's proving it on this track; saying things like "beef is when a bitch titties lookin like they sleep" and calling Khia a "fake Lauryn Hill ass bitch". Trina even went as far as dissing BG for "snitching" on her. I'm sure that tickled Lil' Wayne, who is currently dealing with his own beef issues with Gillie Da Kid, a rapper that Trina also dissed on the record. Personally, I think Trina absolutely ripped it. What do you think?


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