Tuesday, August 01, 2006

.. Bits & Pieces ..

The Game Moves To Geffen
I don't really care, but since everyone is making such an incomprehensible fuss over it, I'll entertain the news. The Game has finally severed all ties with G-Unit by leaving Aftermath and moving to Geffen Records. Oh wow, as if we didn't see that shit coming. He claims Dr. Dre will continue to work with him on his sophomore album, The Doctor's Advocate, which is due out on the 7th of November. Whatever, between re-thinking the whole marriage situation and the stripclub footage that's about to get leaked, Game has enough on his plate already. I'm sure he can get a job wrapping burritos at Taco Bell to mull things over first.

Tru Life Continued
Roc-La-Familia's little German Shepard has been acting up again. Tru Life is still talking shit about the disinterested Dipset camp in a new 8 minute diss record called
Snitch Set. I'm not even gonna go too far with this one, because the track alone shows how commiserable Tru actually is. Besides, his album being released is like Khia going platinum; no matter how much they bark, neither one is ever going to happen.

Whatever, Nigga!
Beyoncé heard the allegations about her
trying to sabotage LeToya's album release and she decided to respond.

"I have enormous respect and admiration for LeToya as an artist and a business woman and I wish her incredible success with her debut CD and her career. LeToya and I have known each other since childhood and, because of all we've been through, I know that we both really care -- and want what's best -- for each other."

I'm still not buying it. It just seemed too convenient to be a plain ol' coincidence. You can't slick a can of oil, Bouncy. I know you got a little gremlin spirit inside of you just waiting to wreak havoc whenever possible. I just know it...


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