Friday, September 22, 2006

Trick Daddy Runs Florida

Miami rap veteran, Trick Daddy, has always been known to be an outspoken man. At last month's Ozone Awards, the 305 thug had a few on-stage words for his fellow Floridian rappers, saying, "Let's set this record straight/ Nigga, I run this whole state/ There's only one mayor of Dade/ And y'all niggas is my protégés." The sharp words were a sample from his new single, "Breaker Breaker", off of his upcoming LP, Back By Thug Demand.

Trick has been rumored to be fueding with his labelmate, Rick Ross, lately and the lyrics he spit only added fuel to an uneccesary fire. However, in a recent interview with MTV News, T-Double D denied the allegations.

"A lot of people try to make it seem like that song is about this person or that person. Listen, man. I'm the first [person] that told anybody that Rick Ross was good at what he do ... And one thing about me: I don't sneak dis. So nothing was about Ross or nobody in particular. That was for anybody who didn't think that I ran this whole state, who didn't think I was the Dade County mayor."

He also expressed his frustration with the repetitive nature of today's Hip-Hop music.

"People aren't trying different things with their music ... Remember how when you were little and you'd be crazy about a Snickers bar? But it don't really do nothing for you right now. That's how the albums have been lately to me. I mean, with the exceptions of some."

A Snicker bar, Trick? Jesus...


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