Monday, November 13, 2006

BET Hip-Hop Awards - Red Carpet

Ludacris ; Flava Flav & Deelishis ; Big Kitten ; Monica ; Loafers

Wendy Williams ; Ying Yang Twinz ; Keyshia Cole & mom ; Little Bitch Blue ; Katt Williams
Photos from yesterday's BET Hip-Hop Awards are spreading all over the Internet, but I'm only posting ten of the celebs that I kinda-sorta-maybe give a damn about. I'm still pissed that BET didn't send me my tickets for the show, but I probably would have been shot at or stabbed, so I'm good. I heard a brawl nearly went down between the show's host Katt Williams and co-comedian Mike Epps at Club 112 last night. I'm interested in finding out why. Was it over jealousy or late weed money? Let's keep that in mind.


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