Friday, May 11, 2007

.. New Music ..

It's been a long day, my friends. I'm about ready to curl up in front of my TiVo with a Capri Sun so I can rest my butt away.

Before, I get into all that, I have to introduce you to Kelly Rowland's new single, "Comeback". I actually like it. It has a very bouncy feel to it; lots of choreographic potential. The track was produced by everyone's favorite albino python, Scott Storch. Hopefully, Columbia Records will release Kelly's damn album, so I can check out the rest of her tunes. Baby Daniel's album is probably gonna drop before her's, hell!

Play Me: Kelly Rowland - Comeback
(shout out to That Grape Juice for the linkage!)

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend err'body!


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