Friday, August 04, 2006

Highly Anticipated

Today I was elated to discover news that Mos Def is planning on dropping his third album in less than two months. I'm a major Stan of his, but I won't be hacking his Myspace profile anytime soon. The new LP is called Tru3 Magic and will hit store shelves on September 19th. That's mostly everything we know about it so far. Dante isn't like other artists that slap ads on the sides of buses, and play their video on BET every hour to promote themselves. He obviously respects the art of music and poetry and "if you can't see that, then something is wrong wit'chu!" I know I'm gonna snatch up at least two copies on release day.

Another artist working on a new album is Bobby Valentino, who says fans will be thrilled to hear him rap on his latest project. (Lord, not another one). He's going by the new name BV, to help us differentiate the flower-picking R&B crooner from the hardcore MC he now is.

“[Rappers are] singing on their hooks, we need to rap too...Because they're doing all of the singing, they're taking all of the singers away,” he recently told Vibe.

Oh, please. That's not a very good excuse, buddy. Nobody ever said Nelly or 50 Cent had great singing voices, and Tyrese aka Black figure that one out. Special Occasion also drops on September 19th.


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