Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Knowles News

Beyonce is like a Boa Constrictor; no matter how hard you fight to get away from her, you just can't escape her grasp. Therefore, I present you with more Bouncy news.

I heard that Columbia Records is actually considering having Be' shoot the "Deja Vu" video over. The infamous petition that started this ruckus has reached over 3000 signatures (I'm number 260!), so we will see what happens with that a little later.

I also got wind of some Beyonce related news in the UK. They are apparently blaming her for a massive number of epileptic fits in Europe (irony, irony), which were allegedly caused by the bright lights and rapidly flashing images in the "Check On It" video. God, that video is on the verge of killing bitches!

Anyway, I know there a few Knowles Stans out there who would like to hear something positive about their beloved Be', so here's a new track called One Night Only, off of the Dreamgirls Soundtrack, scheduled for a winter release. Remember, I never said she couldn't sing.


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