Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mommy, Mommy!

Yesterday, Power 105.1's former shock jock, Star, filed a $55 million lawsuit against Queens city councilman John Liu, after remarks Liu made at a press conference to have him fired. In the suit Star, whose real name is Troi Torain, claims that Liu's May attack against him was motivated "by his desire for self-promotion and aggrandizement." That's crazy to me. You made racist comments about DJ Envy's Asian wife and threatened to bust a nut on their 4-year old little girl's face, and now you think you deserve money because someone convinced the station to fire you? You're lucky some nigga named Sambo didn't bend you over a prison bunk and fuck the shit out of you when you got arrested, bitch! Count your blessings.

Wait, the story gets better. Now Troi's mommy, Hannah Hightower, is filing her own lawsuit against the owner of Hot 97 after Miss Jones' big ass made some not-so-nice comments about her and her son on-air. Jones allegedly said,

"Your white mom was nothing but a prostitute that your dad turned out," and "got knocked up by the blackest, blackest, blackest nigger."

Not that Star didn't deserve it, but that bitch Miss Jones always says the dumbest shit at the worst moments. Anyway, Mommy Dearest is seeking $11 million from Emmis Radio for defamation of character and Star has further plans of getting revenge on "everyone who has interfered [with] and undermined my business and career." Loser.


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