Monday, October 16, 2006

.. New Music ..

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I hate when certain artists debut and give me these high hopes and expectations for them, only to completely let me down and show me that they're just as pathetic as their peers. I used to be a Rihanna fan when she was singing from her island roots and embracing the dancehall rhythm, but all that admiration I had for her faded away when she started doing super powered pelvic thrusts on-stage (click the pic for an example). I thought it was just the bitches who couldn't sing that acted ho-ish, but I guess I was wrong.

You know you're doing well in the music industry when you record your first Christmas tune. That's just what Rihanna has done. Of course, it's just another song about winter blues and how much she wishes her man was with her (blah blah blah). At least her voice sounds really angelic. All I want for Christmas is for Santa Clause to paste a gingerbread cookie on that big ass forehead.

Rihanna - It Just Don't Feel Like Xmas (Without You)


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