Monday, November 13, 2006

Here We Go Again

PETA can sit and take a breather from chasing down Beyoncé over her fur fetish, because P!NK is ready to take her turn at chomping at homegirl. Check out what the pop star had to say:

"(Beyoncé) is a bitch! I only hope she gets bit on the ass by whatever animal she wears. Some of the practices are so cruel and as a celebrity you have a responsibility to think about the message you're sending out by wearing fur. People will think it's ok or cool, but it's not."

Alright, not that I'm condoning the usage of fur, but let's be serious. Beyoncé isn't the only celebrity who wears the stuff. Why isn't anyone cursing out Cam'ron, Wendy Williams, or Kimora Lee? Anyway, I'm sure Be' is somewhere sipping on some mimosa while Mama Tina is setting up her plan to burn P!NK at the stake.


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