Monday, August 07, 2006

Cassie Makes Debut Tomorrow

The "Princess of NextSelection" is gearing up for her big day. Tomorrow (August 8th) will be the day that her self-titled debut album hits the street. Cassie has already gained worldwide attention from her first single "Me & U" that even after several months, still spins steadily on the radio. Well, the country will finally get to see what the former Seventeen magazine model has to offer en masse. I personally have mixed feelings about this girl. She seems to have a lot of potential, but she has yet to impress me. Her beauty is obvious, but you need to have more than good looks to be considered a great singer. Don't get me wrong - Cassie's voice is not horrible, however it doesn't stand out to me. It doesn't really have much range or strength. She kind of reminds me of a junior highschool student singing along to her favorite Britney Spears CD on the bus ride home. Her boys, Ryan Leslie, Rasheed Richmond, and of course her boss Diddy, have been hooking her up with great tracks and the perfect look, but for a real music lover like myself, you have to provide more. Hopefully, she will be able change my mind later down the road.

You can listen to Cassie's entire album before it's launch at


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