Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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Play Me: Murphy Lee - Hatin' (feat. Young Dro)
The last time I heard from Murphy Lee, he was arrested for smoking kush in his ride on the way to the titty bar...fool. I guess he's been set free, because he's in the studio recording new tracks. This particular record is decent. Nothing to brag about, Murph. It may get a couple radio spins and a drop in the local club, but all will be forgotten after about a week. Try harder, Lunatic.

For too long has Solange been the Jan Brady of the Killer Knowles Klan (KKK). Once again it is time for her to throw the Huggies to the side and try her hand out at the singing thing. Unfortunately, she still sucks. Her voice isn't exactly Beyonce-esque. I thought my brain cells were going to disintegrate towards the end of the song. On top of that, the bitch sings, "light the dro", in the hook. Well, isn't she a grown woman now? I guess we know who Baby Daniel is bringing that weed home to.

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I've never been one to go ga-ga over Amerie. Her single, "One Thing", was the only thing that made her stand out to me. However, this track here is a very good one. It's very sexy; like one of those old kinky Janet Jackson hits. Again, it's nothing outstanding, but it's satisfying.
This Rick Ross record is the shit! I'm not just saying that because he's from Miami, because I really don't like most of our artists anyway. Now, I'm not sure if this is off of an upcoming album from Ross, but it should be. The beat is a certified Chevy-riding anthem, and perfect for the clubs. One downside though - Lil' Weezy lyrically stole the whole track...once again.


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