Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who Gives A Shit?

I'm about to take it back to some old school Fury. Bear with me.

Okay, how many of you think that Usher's little cuddle buddy, Tameka Foster, is really a big ol' tranny? Yep, thought so. The media is really enthralled by their nauseating love story and I don't seem to understand why. It's not like Usher is doing it big in music right now and, well, Tameka is ugly as hell, so why the fuss? Maybe its me, but they have got to be one of the wierdest couples ever. Usher must be getting thrown around at home. I mean, doesn't she look like she could benchpress her own weight in porkchops? Ewww. I don't know why people find them interesting.

BTW: I gotta give a big shout-out to my homeboy FreezeFiya for shouting me out at AllHipHop.


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