Friday, August 11, 2006

Hoopz Expecting?

I don't know what to say about this bitch. She hopped from Big Tigga's dick to Flav's to T.I.'s to Slim Thug's to A.I.'s...she must think she's some kind of fairy tale toad. I've been hearing that Hoopz was caught shopping in a high-end maternity boutique called "Pea in the Pod". She reportedly attempted to disguise herself using a low-hanging cap along with a pair of sunglasses. Someone even said they managed to hear her whisper that she was two months pregnant with (get this) NBA Champion, Dwayne Wade's baby. Now, Dwayne is married and has a son by his wife, Siohvaughn, whom I happen to know. I haven't seen her rockin' a four million dollar "baby-please-forgive-me" ring lately, so I'm gonna need Maury Povich to settle this one. Besides, Hoopz doesn't have time for a baby. She's got men to chase, gold to dig, semen to swallow; I mean the girl is on duty.


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