Monday, October 23, 2006

Fergie's Special Gift

Black Eyed Peas "singer", Fergie, loves her dogs. So much so, that in an effort to bond with the canines she drops on all fours and begins to howl with them (I'm not making this up). Last week Fergie spent approximately 30 minutes howling and barking outside her LA home with the pets. The sound was so loud and high-pitched that her neighbors thought she was being attacked and called the authorities.

Her boyfriend, actor Josh Duhamel stated:

"They're (Fergie and her dogs) are out on the porch and half an hour later she walks out to her car to get something and there's a cop with a shotgun creeping up to the house. Somebody had called the cops saying that somebody was being attacked at my house... I had a cop with a shotgun outside my house in the middle of the day. It's never boring when she's around."

I always knew that bitch was part dingo. I bet is somewhere speaking to koalas right now.

Extra, Extra: Check out Fergie's new video, Fergalicious.


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