Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Kiss To End Them All

spotted at C+D
Umm...I need a minute to sit with my thoughts on this one.
The music industry has been throwing gay accusations at Lil' Wayne and Baby for quite a while now, and although both rappers claim that the rumors are all false, this picture is not helping their case. Now, I have two of my comrades with me who say that the picture is obviously fake - they think it is basically a Photoshop crop trick. That could be true, but I'm still on the fence, because these two have had way too many insiders calling them out for me to just pass this up as silly gossip. If 20 different people, who hardly know one another, are saying that Weezy and Baby are intimate, then they must be backstage pickle kissers. If this photo is fake, then somebody needs to provide the media with the real version.


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