Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Punk Ass Promotion

I'm not too keen on the details behind the Fabolous shooting that occured last week. I'm on the "Waiting To Give A Damn" list. Anyway, I know the issue involves a snatched chain, a basketball player, and a bullet in Fab's ass. That's about it and I'm not pushing for more info.

Well, now Deaf Jam Records is pushing the nigga's album release up to December - two months earlier than the planned February release. I wonder why?

This is just another case of a pitiful rapper using foolish street drama to publicize and promote his new LP. From the rumors buzzing past my ear, Fab really shot himself in the thigh as a publicity stunt. Nigga, how about you fix that triangular ass tooth. That alone would move 50,000 copies.


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