Thursday, October 26, 2006

New York's Favorite Flavor

Has New York really moved from Rocky Road to Vanilla? That's certainly what some people are starting to believe. There have been suspicious looking photos found on the web of Tiffany and some big burly white dude all hugged up over and over again. The guy kind of looks like the dimwitted little brother of an Italian mob boss named Joey. Defense is saying that this man is New York's manager, which I can believe, but let's be honest - if the girl slept with Flavor Flav, I think every man is eligible for some of that.

Extra, Extra: Did you know that New York owns over 2, 000 black Barbie dolls? Explains a lot, doesn't it? I was wondering why all of her Myspace pictures look like Photoshop schematics for plastic surgery adventures.


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