Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Diana May Ruin Dreamgirls

Hollywood insiders are afraid that singing legend Diana Ross is planning to spoil Beyonce Knowles' chances of winning an Oscar for the film 'Dreamgirls.' Industry insiders said that since Ross reportedly dislikes the new musical, which is loosely based on her career with 'The Supremes,' she might be planning a subtle negative campaign to ruin the film's Academy Award chances.

Los Angeles Times' Hollywood insider Tom O'Nell has claimed that if Ross publicly disapproves of the film, in which Knowles plays her character, she could create the kind of negative publicity that can turn Oscar voters against the film. "A longtime friend and colleague (of Ross) tells me that Miss Ross hates Dreamgirls because she feels like she's been ripped off, like its creators changed just enough key elements of her story so they didn't have to pay her royalties and then refused to give her any input on how her story would be told," Contactmusic quoted him, as saying. [ source ]

I hope Diana goes through with this. It will be so spectacular to see her wrinkly ass bumrush the red carpet at the Dreamgirls premiere with a gang of her church's choir women. They could have a street petition with some picket signs that read "Touch Me In The Morning, I'll Beat Yo' Ass at Night" and sell crack rocks and stickers to startled onlookers. Better yet, I would pay hundreds of dollars to see Diana and Mama Tina slapbox in the middle of Times Square.


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