Monday, July 23, 2007

Beyonce Cranks Da Soulja Boy

All I have to say is "Thank you, Miss Info". No further words.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Old School Video: Adina Howard

I'll be flying out of the country this weekend. I have to attend a funeral next week, so posts may be a bit slow. I apologize. If I can find a computer with Internet access while I'm gone, I'll try to get some stuff in.

Anyway, I'm rounding the week up with an old school video from a very freaky R&B fox - Ms. Adina Howard. "Freak Like Me" was one of her more infamous records, released far before Howard was singing about T-Shirts and panties. Most of you should remember this sex anthem from back in '95. If not, then make yourselves familiar.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That's Random

I'm back - checking in with the everyone for a while. I hope Remy Ma's pistol popping drama hasn't rocked anyone's bells the wrong way. Let's take a deep breath.

So, T.I. and Tiny were in town this past weekend for his album release party and such. Seeing the above picture along with various others that emerged on the net got me to thinking. Why the hell does Tiny follow T.I. around all the damn time? Whenever he appears in public, she is not but a few inches behind him. And who is watching the 75 kids that they have at home? I'm all for black love, but their is only so much that my bowels can take.

Out & About

Guess who left the house with her wig a'flowing in the Miami city wind this past weekend - our girl Trina, of course! The Baddest Bitch made a glamorous appearance at the All-Star Basketball Game during this year's annual Zo Summer Groove Weekend. I'm proud of her. Even with Satan's testicular masseur, Dennis Rodman, towering behind her like demons do, Katrina still managed to flash a supermodel smile. Get like her!

Pics courtesy of

50 Cent - I Get Money

On a scale of 1-10, how much does this video suck, with 1 being "just a little bit" and 10 being "straight to the dump"? This is just another clue that something ain't right in the world of Five Dimes. He's kinda like Two Dimes, a Nickel, and a Half-Pence at this point.

Maybe this is the opportunity Ja Rule needs to swing back in and steal G-Unit's spotlight...I get a point for positivity, bitches!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back In A Bit

Hey people,

I just wanted to let all of my readers know that I will be taking a break from The Fury for a few days. I just had a close family member pass away, so I'm dealing with that for now. I should be back on here dissing fools sometime next week. Until then, you can check in at Miss Info TV, Crunk & Disorderly, and A Hot Mess! I'll be back in a bit!

-- Kid Fury aka Miami Greg

Chris Breezy & Elmo Da Don

For all you bustas who ain't know, my furry red homeboy Elmo is a pop-lockin', booty bouncin', R&B chief. Chris Brown learned all that he knows from the many precious years he spent watching the king grooving down Sesame Street. Now, the two stars have joined forces for a tribute to street signs called "See the Signs". We, the public, couldn't ask for more. Hopefully, Elmeezy will allow Chris to be a guest on his upcoming LP.

I Vote No

Is anybody else tired of seeing these two? Ewww...

Keyshia Cole - Let It Go

Here's the video for Keyshia Cole's latest tune, "Let It Go", where she lets the ladies know that they should never fret over trifling men, but instead go to the club get drunk and possibly go home with a new one. The track's producer Missy Elliott is featured on the song, as well as Lil' Kim and her porcelain face. I won't front - I like this record. It's very smooth. Maybe the Biggie influence is what gives it extra points.

However, I still think Keyshia Cole is ugly - like a stray siamese cat or something. Sorry.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That's Random

I don't mean to sound like a hater (although I'm very good at it), but I'm so over this damn dance move. It's like, "We get it, Ciara. You can fold yourself back like a little ebony origami puppet. Whoop!", but it's only so fascinating. Ci-Ci isn't the reason I am annoyed by "The Matrix" however; the stunt is wack in general. I have been witness to many folk falling flat on their asses trying to be Neo. We weren't all meant to dance. Can we move on to a new jig, please? Thanks.

BTW: Are The Wachowski Brothers being compensated for this shit?

I Vote Hell Fuck No!

This fall, my worst nightmare may become a reality...a reality series, that is. Choreographer to the stars and all around freak show, Laurie Ann Gibson, is shockingly working on an album [insert blood-curdling shriek here] . Not only that, but the recently abolished Making the Band dance coach is filming a reality show on the work.

Can I just say this? If Three 6 Mafia, Paula Abdul, Kimora Lee, those three Playboy hoes, and this bitch can all have reality shows, I should have one too. My life is just as interesting if not more.

The Laurie Ann Gibson Show (also titled "Making The Record" --bleck!) is in post-production and being shopped around as we speak. It will most likely be tossed into an MTV slot, where we can all throw our guts up watching Boom Kat in all her dramatic craziness prepare for failure. I love Grape Juice.

Guess Who's Back

Hey everyone, MIMS is still alive! For a second there, I thought the mean 'ol Grim Reaper jacked him for his fitted cap and dragged his ass off to the other side. Here he is though in New York doing God knows who gives a damn! It's kinda sad how everyone said that The Last MIMSY would be a one-hit-wonder and although he was convinced otherwise, he turned out to be one anyway. So I beg you to add him to your prayer list. Remember what happened to Houston's looney ass. We don't need another Hip-Hop psycho.

More pics courtesy of What's Poppin after the jump...

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Fresh, I guess.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Old School Video: TLC

Just felt like throwing it back to end the week out. Stay with me. The year is 1992; one of my all time favorite music groups, TLC, released their first album, Ooooooohhh....On the TLC Tip. To this day, I can still proudly say that every album by the top selling girl group is in my collection and I bump to them on the regular. Their single "What About Your Friends" is one of my preferred tracks, so I give you the video - also a classic. Destiny's Child, Danity Kane, hoes may bow down now.

New Music: 50 Cent

How is 50 Cent's album release going? I'm getting the vibe that nobody cares about it. I know I don't, but enough about that hopelessness - on to the new music. As you may have heard Five Dimes and That White Boy have been working in the studio together on a track dedicated to porno...sad. The record was originally titled "AYO Pornography", but 50's label suggested something a little more household friendly, so it was changed to "AYO Technology". I suppose they realized how stupid that title was, thus it was once again changed. "She Wants It" is slated to be the next single off the Curtis album. Check the Timbaland produced trash out below!

Play Me: 50 Cent - She Wants It (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Has Kim Had Enough?

Reports are gliding in that Kim Porter is leaving the father of her kids, P.Diddy. The two never really settled down or planned marriage, but did not have a problem knocking boots and making babies (including the funky-named twins from December). Then there was the mysterious creeping Diddy was doing with Sienna Miller and the rumor of his affair with Claudia Jordan; it's no wonder Kimmy wants to pack up her bags and leave. Oh well, did we really see that union as an everlasting one? Fish don't fry in the kitchen!

Remy Ma Mixtape Cover

I can't confirm it, but I'm pretty sure that Remy Ma is on a slow fall to hell for this mixtape art. The skull on the cross is one thing, the word "bitches" underneath is another, but that wig...oh, I'm thinking that's blasphemy. Where the hell is Al Sharpton?

Rihanna's CoverGirl Ad

Why am I not suprised that this chick is promoting something with the words "wet" and "slick" in them?

New Music: Beyonce

It has been exactly two whole weeks since I last mentioned BeNazi (just something I cooked up in my head - let it go). That won't do, now will it. So, I present to you the official remix to "Get Me Bodied" featuring everyone's favorite chipped tooth rap star, Fabolous. It's been sautéed in a new beat and I kind of perfer it to the Swizz Beatz version. Do the Naomi Campbell walk while I snap for the kids!

Play Me: Beyonce - Get Me Bodied [Remix] (feat. Fabolous)

KumGuzzla Covers King

America is an amazing country. One where you can garner a nickname for your penis-gobbling ability and find instant fame. Promiscuity is the hot new shit on the street. Here is Karrine "Kumguzzla" Steffans (I made my own nickname for her) on the cover of KING Magazine; breasts out as if we didn't expect it. Must feel good to be a top dollar ho!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ciara - Can't Leave 'Em Alone

This was, by far, the worst Ciara music video yet. Walking around Atlanta in a canary yellow hooker get-up searching for monkeys is not in the least bit captivating. Well, at least she caught her monkey...a big one too. 50 Cent clocked into the video, bare chested as always. Seems like a real romance is budding here. I'm not sure why Fif and Ciara are trying to play us like they didn't go home and spoon after the BET Awards. Whatever, that's gross anyway.