Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bitch Please

I'd like someone to provide me with the overall purpose of this video. We all know what Diddy and his numerous children look like. I even know their names (and it shames me). So, why do you think Sean is emphasizing the whole I-Am-Superdad attitude? C'mon, this is all clearly a big ploy to try and shit on Kim for leaving his ass. Trying to 1-up his ex-girl by making it seem like he doesn't need her at the house. You know damn well when the cameras cut off he dropped them babies right into Mario Winans' arms, left a credit card on the coffee table, and hit the streets.

Don't fake the funk, Combs!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nelly - Wadsyaname

It's good to see that Nelly is taking time away from weed-whacking Ashanti's burning bush to get back in the rap game. His new song, "Wadsyaname" (straight from hooked on phonics hell), is a pretty straight shooting record and it has grown on me. I'm failing to understand the video, though. Is it some kind of tribute to Soul Plane? Whatever the case may be, look out for new music from the head St. Lunatic.

BTW: Nelly's sac-sucker also has an album due out in December if you give a damn.

Sit Down

It must suck to have to traverse through an entire day with a flea-bitten bitch up under you every second...doesn't it, little puppy? Yeah, Forhedda is still hamming it up for the 'razzi on the regular. These "candid" photos are getting tired as hell. It was one thing when she would walk around parking lots for a photo op alone, but now she is dragging that poor ugly ass dog into the foolishness with her.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The T.I. arrest story is starting to become a bit sad. The above picture shows some of the guns the ATF found at TIP's house during the raid. Speaking of which, I heard that the agents who hit the house up were way to vicious -- breaking doors, windows, throwing grenades, all with a 3-year old in the house. I even hear they tackled and stomped on T.I.'s young nephew. That shit better not be true.

On top of all that drama, TIP was denied bail recently and Sandra Rose is reporting that
Tiny is pregnant with another one of his babies. She, herself, was arrested for possession of marijuana and ecstasy! I honestly feel bad for them, now.

Well, time for lunch!

Lord, Why?

It's always uncomfortable to see artists that you have held respect and admiration for over so many years shrivel up and lose their damn minds (Lil' Kim and Lauryn, I'm talking to your asses too). Foxy Brown just can't seem to keep her black ass out of the fryer these days and she only makes her situation worse as the world turns.

Foxy Brown, who is currently serving a one-year prison sentence on New York’s Riker’s Island for a probation violation, refused to board a prison bus to a Brooklyn courthouse three times on Friday (October 12). According to the New York Post, the troubled Brooklyn born MC missed the first bus because she needed more time to work on her appearance. “She wanted to have an opportunity to change her clothes and put on makeup and be a bit more prettied up for court,” said prosecutor Robert Isdith. Foxy then reportedly refused to board a second bus because she hadn’t eaten lunch. Her reasons for missing the third bus were not explained. Foxy was scheduled to be arraigned on charges related to her alleged assault of a neighbor with her Blackberry back in July. Justice John Ingram, described as clearly annoyed, rescheduled the appearance for Tuesday (October 16). [ source ]

Okay Fox, first of all, nobody gives a damn what you look like in court. All that spearmint colored eyeshadow and those long ass can leave them in your cell. Secondly, what does it matter if you didn't eat lunch? They have vending machines at the courthouse. You could have gotten a bag of Fun-Yuns and a Tropicana on the way in! Now you're probably going to get into more trouble then before!

Damn, black folks in the system be trippin!

Dame Drops Tribute to Jay-Z

Dame Dash has been invisible for a while and I actually liked it that way. Remember that Ultimate Hustler mess on BET? Talk about ignant television. Anyway, Damon's new hustle is a sort of Myspace ripoff called BlockSavvy. It comes complete with blogs, music, and members with lots of free time on their hands.

Now, Dame and his partner Biggs are releasing an album on the site called, Beyond Reasonable Doubt, a tribute to Jay-Z's legendary debut LP. It features artists performing their renditions to Jay's music. Dame recently spoke to MTV about the reasoning behind the tribute and the sentiment behind the original album.

[Continue Reading...]

"It's a piece of us. It's the only thing we still own that has anything to do with Roc-A-Fella. So back then, and being a part of the DNA of Roc-A-Fella, I was always trying to figure out a way to celebrate it. I knew the 10th anniversary was coming up. I said, 'Let's do an album with all the relevant artists doing a rendition of Jay records.' But Jay said he didn't like it, so we scrapped it. ... You know what it was, he said the best record was Jimmy's, so he didn't want to put it out."

Um, if Jay didn't like it then, I don't think he will be jumping for joy about it now. Artists on the new album include Kanye West, Nicole Wray, Jim Jones, and even Cam'Ron (of all people). I'm not sure if Dame is paying homage to Jay or if he is paying homage to Reasonable Doubt and all of the work he put in to make it happen. Seems like a ploy to regain relevancy to me, but then again I'm an asshole!

You can check the album out online at's The Leak.

Jay-Z Covers XXL

[photo via Nah Right]
Like I said a few days back, close-up shots are not Hov's strong suit when comes to photo-taking. I still think the cover is decent, though. Subtlety seems to be the best choice in musical advertising these days.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lauryn Hill Pregnant Again?

So rumor has it that L-Boogie is with child...again? YBF reported that Lauryn is carrying her fifth child from her baby's pappy, Rohan Marley. Now, I have been hearing that this was supposed to be a hit-it-and-quit-it session between the old couple, but apparently our girl got herself knocked up in the process (you know Rastafarians don't believe in the use of condoms...duh).

Well, I don't suppose we'll be seeing or hearing too much from Ms. Hill, if this is true. Can't always trust Jamaicans to pay their child support (coming from a yaddie -- I'm kidding), so we better pray for homegirl.

I Vote No

Britney Spears' new album, Blackout, is already failing to be properly promoted. This cover isn't helping her at all. The public is already treating her as if she is a joke -- selling a CD looking like a clown house ballerina won't sway the doubters in a new direction.

However, I have a strange feeling that this album will be impressive.

Because I Can...

All I have to say is this: If you saw this ad and did not burst out laughing, you need to check your sense of humor!

Sucks To Be You

By now you have probably heard about T.I. being arrested in ATL and having his house raided over the weekend. Here's a quick synopsis: TIP sent his bodygaurd on a mission to cop him and the team a couple shiny new choppers (or whatever you kids call machine guns these days). The bodygaurd was caught by the ATF and taken into custody where he perceded to snitch on our good friend Clifford and then set him up in a Walgreens parking lot. Once there, the feds cuffed the rapper and his entire entourage. That's gotta sting!

Well, T.I. is scheduled to appear before a magistrate judge today. We will just have to wait and see how this pans out. On the plus side, he won two BET Hip-Hop awards and the employees at Walgreens had the best day at work ever!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Just Saying...

...if your normal smile can strike immense terror into the hearts of young children and puppies, maybe you should think of a new way to express bliss. Chudney Ross is a gem, though! Am I right?

Shouts to Fresh!

It's About Damn Time!

After nearly five years since the release of his debut album, Def Jam has finally served Joe Budden his walking papers.

Rapper Joe Budden is no longer signed to Def Jam Records after being heralded as one of its most promising acts in the early 2000’s.

The rapper said he was pleased to be leaving the label and looked forward to the next steps in his career.

"I'm just happy we were finally able to cut all ties. I feel like I have all the talent in the world, but for some reason was never able to showcase it there,” Budden told “I'm looking forward to whatever God has in store for me, and Joe Budden fans should know - today is a beautiful day." [ source ]

Man, the last time I saw Joe Budden he was yapping on some streaming video about nonsense with bandages and needles in his arm like a damn mental patient. I dig his music, but I'm tired of hearing bitches talk about when The Growth is going to drop. When it hits, I'll know. Until then Joe, I'm going to want fries with that! Thanks.

New Music: Chris Brown

Chris Brown is losing in my eyes. This R&B spring chicken has all the potential in the world to be legendary (and coming from me that is saying something), but I don't see an advancement in his career with this new album on the way. Gotta make progress, Chris! Anyway, a new song from the high-yellow heartthrob just hit the net. It's called "Nice" featuring The Game (what a pity). I'm not gonna lie -- the song is pure rubbish. Not only are the vocals stuffy, but the production is an utterly lackluster mess. I'm not just hating, either. This ain't the Backyardigans, Chris! You gotta serve the competition up!

Play Me: Chris Brown - Nice (feat. The Game)

Extra, Extra:

Play Me: Jay-Z - Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)
I'm feeling an old school Jay coming through in these new tracks.

Play Me: Mya - My Bra
A song recorded for the "Stop Breast Cancer for Life" Campaign with Lifetime. I don't understand the meaning in the lyrics too well, but I appreciate the thought.

Monday, October 08, 2007

God Don't Like Ugly!

Somebody has a massive bitch-slap that is far overdue. Oh, I'm sorry. Have I told you how much I can't stand Usher's baby daddy, Tameka "ManFace" Raymond? Ever since these two totally defied the biological laws of procreation, my perplexity has rapidly morphed into disgust. Now, here is ManFace acting a diva-licious fool at a photoshoot, like someone owes his ass the time of day.

I honestly believe that Usher is faking his love for ManFace out of fear of the consequences of leaving. I mean, it's intimidating enough to be dating a tranny whose penis is bigger than yours, but if he/she threatens to eat you if you walk out...that can make life difficult. They need Jesus.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Alicia Keys Complex Pics

On her idea of a good date:
I like to do things just because the thought came in your mind. I like to maybe go to the planetarium, crazy late at night. I love when a dude is cool with going to the museum with me, especially if it’s an interesting exhibit. I’m not just trying to go see dead white people. [Laughs]

A.Keys is looking mighty good in these photos...for a lesbian.

Just kidding.

Woof Woof

R&B singer Keyshia Cole revealed in a recent interview that she dreams of opening an animal hospital with her earnings from her music career -- a dream she's had since she can remember.

The Oakland, California raised singer/songwriter always wanted to become a veterinarian as a child, and to this day, hasn't given up on her dream.

"I had everything when I was a child -- hamsters and guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats... so, if it be the Lord's will, I will have enough money to open up a veterinary hospital," Cole said. [ source ]

Great idea, KeKe! With that face, you and the other animals will become great friends very promptly. Though, you may want to conisder a flea bath first, girl. Can't be infecting the patients with Jeezy's little bugs. Good luck with that, now!


As a Miami citizen, I am obviously nowhere near the Greater NY, but someone reading this may be. The good folks of Notorious Films will be holding an open casting call for the new Biggie movie aptly entitled, Notorious, this Saturday. I am encouraging anyone who looks the part, can act, and feels like they can due the role justice to go out and audition. You never know what may happen and besides, damn near anyone would be better than Beanie Sigel or Sean Kingston. Do it for the fans!

For more info, go to

Oh Bitch Please!

"Unfortunately, it seems like something he’s interested in. He really likes the limelight." -- Solange Knowles to Essence on whether or not her son will enter the music industry.

Solange, Baby Daniel is already more famous than you are. Didn't anyone bother to tell you? Lil' Julez is hosting the Pimps N' Hoes conference at Club Rollexx here in Miami next week. Get up to speed, sweetie.

Solange also spoke to Essence Magazine about her divorce, living in her big sister's shadow, Lil' Wayne, and a bunch of other nonsensical shit noone cares about. Check out the interview here.

T.I. - Hurt f. Busta Rhymes & Alfamega

I actually like this record. Although, TIP is so predictable when it comes to these hardcore, gangster, I'll-kill-your-ass records, this one has a sick beat. It's something I would bump to in my car on the way to pick up my paycheck -- nothing more, nothing less. I also think the addition of Busta Rhymes to the track is a plus. He has the flow to compliment the beat. Alfamega...I don't him, but he's signed to Grand Hustle. The video fits the song, so I'm not complaining.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We're Getting There


I Vote No

Somebody please pass Beanie Sigel a tall glass of Reality on the rocks, alongside a shot of Sit Your Ass Down! Thanks.

According to MTV News, a few days ago Philly rapper Beanie Sigel auditioned for the role of The Notorious B.I.G. in the up-coming Biopic on the slain MC.

"Yeah," Beanie smiled, while sitting in the Def Jam offices on Tuesday, describing what inspired him to go out for the part. "The fact that I'm a huge Big fan from the gate is why I did it.

"Then taking myself outside of myself and looking back, who else better to play that role, man?" he added. "That's not me being biased or tooting my own horn. I'm not comparing myself to Biggie career-wise or lyrically, but to pull that off, and have people believing that, I don't think nobody else could play that role better than I could. I know how much passion I'd put into it. I know how far I would go. I would treat that like Jamie [Foxx] did 'Ray.' "

...because the State Property movies were perfect examples of rapper/actor phenomenon, am I right? Bitch please. The day Beanie is casted as Biggie is the day I gulp down a heaping helping of battery acid and get life over with. Let us pray!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ashanti Covers King

So, BushBaby Ashanti earned a 15-minute spot in Resident Evil: Extinction and has an album that will "hopefully" (Irv Gotti's words, not mine) be released in December. Why the hell would King Magazine give her a cover? The bitch is looking like a damn rooster! Honestly Harris Publications, are you going to allow this?

Just Plain Wrong

Geffen Records does not care about black people! Well, they damn sure don't give a shit about Eve. Her album, Here I Am, has reportedly been pushed back to 2008! Representatives did not supply an explanation as to why the project is being delayed, but I have a feeling it is due to jealousy, hair weave, and a whole lot of hate. Bitches are scornful!

Why do you think Eve's album was pushed back?

Back In Action?

I'm still not giving up hope on Miss Trina, people. Any woman who can make an advance from the strip club into a successful rap career in addition to moving past a weekly dick 'em down session with Lil' Wayne doesn't deserve to be overlooked.

The picture above is a brand new shot of The Baddest Bitch taken for Miami's Ocean Drive Magazine. Homegirl, looks pretty damn good! I also hear that her new song, "Single Again", is doing well (bullshit -- that song is garbage). So, Trina and Slip-N-Slide are giving her fans the opportunity to create their own video to the song. I don't really care, so I'll just give you this link in case you're interested.

Looks like Trina is back at it. Anyone believe her?

Jennifer Lopez Album Cover

Makes you wanna just kiss yourself, don't it?

I'm going to give J.Lo a ribbon of congratulations for attempting to ressurect her very dead career and releasing a new album -- in English even. Some people don't know when to just remain incognito.

Just Plain Wrong

There is evil in the works; it is spreading across the globe. As if, Britney Spears wasn't already on the verge of suicide, some insensitive fools decided to create disrespectful pieces of art to push the chaotic pop star over the edge -- straight beastly.

I would pay so much money for the three piece tribal-meets-trailer park piece, though. I have the perfect place to put it.

Kanye on SNL

Kanye West made a guest appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, where he performed numerous songs from his latest album, Graduation. The show's producers gave Kanye a chance to poke some fun at himself in a skit where he was shown acting a damn fool at various award shows and ceremonies after not winning awards that he wasn't even nominated for. Funny stuff, but I have to say the actors playing the hosts of 106 & Park...that is comedy gold, my friends!