Thursday, August 31, 2006

MTV VMA's Red Carpet

Cee-Lo ; Chamillionaire ; Kelis ; Boom Kat

Ludacris ; A Pitbull & A Doberman ; The Simmons Family ; Tyrese & Method Man

Will PCD Lose a Pussy?

There have been rumors floating around that Nicole Scherzinger is planning to leave the five other ladies of pop group, The Pussycat Dolls, to go the solo route. She has recently been featured on records with Avant and Diddy without the other kitties, and she just wrapped up a single called "Steam" which some say she recorded all by herself. There is a claim that Nicole signed a deal to only record one album with PCD and then move on afterwards, but the lead singer has said otherwise in a behind-the-scenes featurette for their latest video.

"What's next for the Pussycat Dolls is the dolls and I - we're gonna come out with another album next year, so possibilities are endless, you know we're a really tight group, we're a close family, I think that says a lot in this business and I think thats what will ultimately keep us together." - Nicole Scherzinger

"Steam" can be heard in the Hot New Music section of The Fury.

What's Goin' On?

As if Hip-Hop isn't at an abysmal point already, Sony/BMG Entertainment has actually inked a deal with Kevin Federline's trailer park, ice-chomping ass, along with his "record label", Federation Records.

The first release under the new venture will be Federline's debut album Playing with Fire, which is slated to hit stores Oct. 31. Federline, who recently completed the video for "Lose Control," has also landed a role on CBS' hit drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. [ ]

Damn. I'm look foward to making his life in the media hell. You're going down, Mr. Spears.

50 Cent Disses Diddy

I was wondering why 50 was taking so long to get on my damn nerves again. He has been quiet for a few months. Suprising, isn't it? Well, with motives that are unseen to me at this point, Curtis has released a new diss record called "The Bomb", directed at Bad Boy executive, Diddy. Apprarently, this has something to do with Mase and some kind of deal he planned to make with Diddy that didn't go through. 50 even claimed that Diddy knows who shot Biggie, but is too scared to admit it to the public. That's fucked up. We'll hear more on this very, very soon, I'm sure.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Luxottica at the AOL Style Lounge

Brooke Hogan ; Cassie ; Quddus (where have you been?) ; El Snoopo Loco

Pretty Ricky on Cribs

I would like to apologize to everyone who had to endure Pretty Ricky's stupidity on MTV a while back. I was praying that the recipe for City Punch would remain undisclosed to these white folk. Honestly, I think these four boys take ignorance to a whole new level. So, I just want to let you all know that everyone in Miami is not that ghetto and definitely not that dumb. They are representing themselves.

On the plus side, the quartet did show the world that with a hit song and a pretty face, even GED students can have a house in Pembroke Pines. Thank you for the positive aspect, fellas.

Trina Comments on Khia

Since Khia's flea-bitten ass got to speak her mind in the various media outlets that put up with her, I feel that people should hear what Trina has to say about their beef. Here is a quote from a recent interview Rashmi Shastri held with the CEO of the Itty-Bitty Titty Committee.

First of all I would say that she don’t know me and second of all I rap about things that are believable and happen everyday in everybody’s life it’s just that so many people are in denial about their lives whether they are hustling money from a dude, dancing or on the street, that’s all reality to me. I’m fly, I’ve always been fly, I like nice things like money, diamonds and cars. I take care of myself and get it on my own and these are the things I aim for and I’m true to myself. For somebody like her that is a nobody, how can she say I don’t respect myself when her first song is about licking her neck and back and crack? Excuse me if I’m wrong but I don’t see any Christian song come out of her so how dare she contradict herself and say anything about me. She’s not at the level she wants to be at in her career and talking about me was a publicity stunt because she supposedly had an album that came out. My records have gone way past gold so I’ve had no reason to disrespect another female artist to get myself known; I’ve worked hard for it. Until she does some of the things I’ve done and can show something she’s done in this game, nobody cares what she has to say.

I don’t even want to give you all this attention because this is the most press you’ve ever had but since you wanna keep talking about me I need to say something to let you know that I’m a landslide ahead of you. You ain’t done nothing that the world should be aware of – shut up.

Yeah, bitch. Shut up!


After coming off the grand opening of his nightclub, Club Ice Age, Mike Jones is now working on his own biopic titled, American Dream.

Work on the film American Dream was scheduled to begin earlier this week and will continue shooting through September 15th. The film will recount Jones' true life climb from relative obscurity to worldwide fame in the music business. Jones and crew are filming in his native Houston. Meanwhile, Jones is also working on his new album, which will also be named American Dream. [ ]

I don't understand why so many people feel that they should start producing films based on their lives. First it's Missy, then Fantasia, now this fool. All I'm saying is if I had to watch a biographical film, I'd like it to be about someone who matters.

"Dripping In Diamonds" After-Party

Ciara ; Chamillionare ; Dre & Chamillionare ; Missy Elliott

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jim Jones hosts What's Poppin Saturday

You know, it looks like Jim Jones actually power-scrubbed a few layers of that Harlem dirt off his body before he left the crib that night. I guess he saw Dipset: The Movie 2 and decided to make a change. Good for him.

Russell Plans To Sell Mansion

Russell Simmons is currently trying to sell his 10 bedroom New Jersey mansion for over $20 million.

The sprawling, 35,000-square-foot house includes a great room with 35-foot ceilings, a dining room with gold-leaf ceiling, a gym and a ''Versace room,'' which features a Gianni Versace-designed bed and a 16-foot-high fireplace in the shape of a lion's mouth.

The house, built in 1996 by apparel executive Arnold Simon, includes a movie theater built by Simon and modeled after the Loews Pitkin, an old Brooklyn picture palace, complete with popcorn and candy counters, a brightly lit marquee and a wax figure selling tickets. The four-acre property, with indoor and outdoor pools, a waterfall and a koi pond, is about 25 miles north of Manhattan in Saddle River. [ ]

So, are the babies going to live with Kimora or Russell now they're that buying seperate places? I hope it's their father, because Kim and her fierce crew of silky satin homo-thugs seem like bad influences to me. I mean that's just me though.

This Doesn't Look Good.

Somebody get Method Man on the phone and have a talk with him. He's worrying me. I really hope those dollies are for his daughter.

Master P Pens Katrina Play

New Orleans native, Master P, has recently penned "Uncle Willy's Family" a hip-hop gospel comedy play about one family's post Hurricane Katrina experience.

The play stars comedian Terry Miles as Vietnam veteran Uncle Willy, who takes in several members of his extended family when their home is destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

"The moral of the play is put your trust in God, believe in your family. Nothing is impossible. Use hard times as an opportunity to grow," Master P told Yahoo!Music.
[ ]

I like that P's trying to bring some laughs out of the drama going on in New Orleans, but I'm not sure if he'll be getting any. The stage show doesn't look very comical at all. It looks more like a 2 dollar Madea rip-off if you ask me, but I could be wrong. If you feel like throwing a tomato at Silkk the Shocker than go ahead and crash the party. I don't mind. Visit for more info.

Monday, August 28, 2006

You Gets Da Boot!

I think it's safe to say that Miss Jones is the most hated radio personality in the nation. I've never heard of anyone having so many different celebrity beefs so frequently. In the past few weeks she has had public feuds with Monica, Cassie, Christina Milian, and now...Beyoncé. Had to happen sometime. Apparently, Jonesy and Be' along with her mother, Tina, bumped into each other in the Hot 97 building and had a bit of a falling out. Click here to listen. So, the station decided to suspend Miss Jones for two weeks. YES! I'm happy to see that bitch leave and I pray that they don't bring her big ass back. Let her go get a job at KFC, being one of them hoes that fry the chicken and sneak a thigh in their pocket when nobody's looking. I'll be there taking an order everyday just to piss her off. Like, "Bitch, where is my biscuit?".

[ Hip & Pop ]

Ex-President Carter

I heard that Jay-Z will be resigning from the position of Def Jam Records' president and CEO once his new album and tour are ready. He filled the label's seat in 2004, and word is the Brooklyn Boy's new LP will be creeping up on us by November of this year, with his first single being "Guess and Polo" featuring Nas. Thank God. With him gone, maybe Memphis Bleek and Redman won't have to continue stocking staplers and construction paper at Office Depot for a living.

Attack of the One Hit Wonders

I guess I'm going crazy, because I thought that when an artist puts out a well-accepted song, they usually have an album that postdates it. That doesn't seem to be so for these musicians.

Cheri Dennis
I knew I wasn't going to like this young lady the day that I saw that damn angelfish hairdo of hers and the demon tattooed on her right
chesticle. I suppose the rest of Black America felt differently, seeing as how her song, "I Love You", stacked up some impressive radio spins and was sliding up and down BET's Top 10 countdown for weeks. So, how does she satisfy her miniscule fan base? She grinds on her boss ( by the way, that shit was not cute ). Her self-titled album was due out June 13th. What happened, ma? Oh're signed to Bad Boy. Okay, that explains everything.

Lil' Jon
This nigga left the sanctum of his beloved crunk music to attract the high school teens who were snapping and leaning to the music of Dem French Fries Boyz and D4L . He was doing well with the "snap music" shit, too. His single, "Snap Ya Fingers", was tearing up the charts, clubs, and hell I even bought the ringtone. So, where is the Crunk Rock CD we were promised? Don't worry it will be out October Japan! How the fuck? What, your big ass eyes can't see what country you're in? Married life must have Jon dazed and confused.

Black Buddafly
Okay, I kind of understand why these ladies have yet to have an album drop. You can't really walk around looking like
Cheetara and the Thundercat Hoes without gaining bad publicity. It doesn't work like that. On the other hand, the young German singers are very attractive and their debut single "Rock-A-Bye" wasn't a hit, but it was enjoyed. I blame RSMG. Russell needs to do less yoga and more promotion.

All I'm saying is if you artists aren't going to give us the albums you promise, then sit your asses on the sideline and leave the spotlight space for someone worth our time. Shit.

Lil' Kim Stealing Lyrics

Fresh out the federal building, Lil' Kim is being sued by reggae artist, Tanya Stephens, for allegedly stealing her song, "Mi and Mi God".

According to The New York Post, Stephens' suit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court last week, claims Kim stole lyrics from her 1997 song "Mi and Mi God" and used them on the song "Durty", which is featured on the rapper's 2005 album, The Naked Truth.

The suit also claims Kim (born Kimberly Jones) flew Stephens to New York in 1999 to sing on one of her earlier albums and revealed she was a fan of the reggae singer when they officially met by singing "Mi and Mi God."

Stephens is seeking to gain ownership of "Durty" and receive all past and future royalties. [
more ]

I knew Kim wanted to be Jamaican, but damn.

BET Still Promotes Beef

Just when you thought Beef was dying down, BET decided to throw the foolishness back in your faces. The network is working alongside that Viagra poppin' pimp, Quincy Jones, to produce a show called, Beef: The Series, which will be a spin-off to QD3 Entertainment's three part DVD series. Of course, the program will document rivalries between a bunch of stupid celebrities and companies, including: Lil Romeo vs. Bow Wow; Paul Wall vs. Chamillionaire; Dave Chappelle vs. Comedy Central; Kobe vs. Shaq; Jackie-O vs. Foxy Brown; and a host of others. Why do niggas love drama so much? No, I really want an answer.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

.. WTF Were They Thinking? ..

Invest in Proactiv I Found Nemo

Messy J. Blige Tyson Wreckford Mariah Scares-me
Ladies & gentlemen, I give you the Top 5 H.A.M.'s of the Week. I don't know what the fuck these celebs were thinking when they decided to present themselves to the world, but I'm guessing there weren't any mirrors nearby at the time. Who do you think looks the messiest?

New PCD Video

Here's the video to "I Don't Need A Man" by The Pussycat Dolls. It is yet another girl power tune about how these chicks don't need us men to "get off" at night. Ladies, we have hands too. Calm all that down.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Wayans' Screening of Thugaboo DVD

Marlon Wayans Shawn Wayans Kim Wayans Kim Whitley & Keenan Ivory Wayans Lindsey Shaw

The Wayans Family The Wayans Family
I'm not going to hate on the Thugaboo cartoon, because I honestly thought it was hilarious. However, shouldn't a television show have more than one episode before it's released on DVD? Help me out here.

Gettin' Off With Diddy

I think Sean's decision to make a Myspace video series that delves into his personal life will only hurt his career and quite possibly the little street cred he has left. Here we have him dancing about in the studio like a damn gas station crack fiend. Take a look.

Everybody Hates Rocsi

I still don't understand BET's motives in their decision to constantly switch around the hosts of their programs, but I hope to God that Terrence and Rocsi are on their way out some time soon. Terrence isn't so bad in that he has a bland personality that consists of mostly crooked smiles and stuttering New York lingo, but that bitch Rocsi is like ringworm - irritating, and incredibly hard to get rid of. Back when she was in the audition phase of the BET New Faces contest, she was put in a room where she was asked to interview rapper, Jim Jones. He was difficult as expected, so she decided to ask him some disrespectful questions out of spite. The look on his face said, "I'd slap the shit out of you right now, but I need a bitch to braid my hair and you're the only one around." I was suprised when the producers chose her as a winner anyway, but I shook it off. Now, just as I predicted, Rocsi is tap-dancing on more celebrity nerves. On today's episode of 106 & Park, Diddy came through to promote his new girl group, Danity Kane (boo!). Near the end of the interview Diddy tried to get a few loud words in, but was interrupted by Rocsi who said, "He's trying to steal the show". Wrong one to fuck with, homie. After a lingering side-eye, partially concealed by the usual pair of shades, Diddy made a comment like, "I'm going to go easy on her, because she's new", then in an effort to change the subject, he quickly congratulated the hosts on their accomplishments. I didn't tune in much further than that. So obviously this Chicago rookie is stepping on a few toes, but she'll learn. Keyshia Cole is bound to run into her someday.

TBS Buys Tyler Perry Sitcom

Tyler Perry’s television show “House of Payne,” which was taken out for a test drive this summer in such cities as Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago and Dallas, has inked distribution deals with TBS and Fox reported to be worth about $200 million.

The Lionsgate's Debmar-Mercury sitcom sold 100 episodes to cable’s TBS, which will get exclusive rights to the show starting in June 2007. Beginning September 2008, four Fox-owned stations will have syndication rights for the series. Seventy-five episodes will be available to TBS by June, with 25 additional episodes to be ready by the time the Fox deal kicks in for fall 2008. [ EurWeb ]

Black people on TBS? The world gets more and more bizarre everyday. I missed the pilot episodes when they aired in my city, but I didn't hear any critiques or comments about it either. So, until I see a Youtube clip, I don't care.

Is BabyFace A BabyDaddy?

A man claiming to be Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds' illegitimate son will spend six months in a halfway house after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor intimidation charge. John Travis Clark, who tried to extort $9 million from the Grammy award-winning musician, was also sentenced to six months probation as part of a plea agreement.

[Edmonds] said in a statement, "I want to make it emphatically clear that John Clark is not my son. John Clark sought to ruin my reputation by broadcasting his lies to the entire country, which would not only destroy my family, but would resonate loudly in the music industry."

[ spotted @ Juicy News ]

All I have to say about this subject is, if I was going to claim some big famous music mogul as my deadbeat father, I'd pick Quincy Jones. He's a lot richer, plus the story would be easy to make up and far more believeable.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Common @ The Gap in NYC

Common finally got to live out his dream of being Dwen Curry for a day when he helped Gap customers design their very own T-shirts this morning. Here are some flicks.

Looking fierce, honey. ( snap in "C" formation )