Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baby Mama Drama

Rapper 50 Cent has applied for legal recognition of his financial contribution to the raising of his son Marquise. The 'In Da Club' hit-maker dated Shaniqua Tompkins for four years in the late 1990s and the pair had a son together in 1997. After the couple split, 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, and Tompkins reached a child support agreement in private, which the rapper increased after his chart success in 2003.

However, Jackson has now filed papers in New York Family Court to make their financial arrangement formal. Friends of the star tell the New York Daily News that he decided on court action after Tompkins began to demand more money. A pal says, "It was just getting so out of hand. It was driven by greed. He felt it was necessary to get a court order making clear just what his responsibility is. He took matters into his own hands. It's usually the woman who files. But he wants to do the right thing.” [ source ]

Curtis, your baby mama's name is Shaniqua Tompkins. What, did you think you could just make millions of dollars and she was going to stick to eating spiced ham and Ritz crackers everyday? Damn the kid, she wants her filet mignon too.

Well, I'm going to leave 50 alone today. At least he's taking care of his seed...Jay!

102 Problems And Counting...

To hell with the hepatitis, Beyoncé. You've got bigger things to worry about.

Sandra Rose is reporting that the young child above is actually the son of Jay-Z! Apparently, the boy's mother, a Trinidadian model named Shenelle, was paid $1 million by Hov to keep her mouth shut and his name off the kid's birth certificate. I hear that this is %100 true and that Beyoncé is aware of the baby and his mama.

Well, Discovery Channel did say that camels are often deadbeat dads. Don't get mad at Jay - it's in his genetic code.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New York on Hot 97

pic jacked from Bizzom
New York recently had an interview with Miss Jones and her crew over at Hot 97 in NYC. Please don't act like you don't where this is going. Everything was all sarcasm and giggles for the first few minutes, then when NY claimed to attend Syracuse University, Miss Jones went off calling her a liar and a bitch - how typical.

Jones is a big bitch, but she ain't that damn big. Somebody needs to mollywhop that hoe.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Luda's Father Passes Away

pic spotted @ ONTD!

Wayne Bridges, the father of Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, died from unknown causes early this morning (Feb. 25) in Atlanta, GA.

Bridges died just two weeks after Ludacris won two Grammy Awards on Feb. 11, for Best Rap Album (Release Therapy) and Best Rap Song (“Money Maker.”)

That night, he dedicated both wins to his father, who watched the 49th Annual Grammy Awards show from his hospital bed.

"He introduced me to all of my major musical influences and he will live on through me," Ludacris told "He bought me my first Hip-Hop record when I was five years old and I fell in love with it from that day on." [ source ]

My prayers and condolences go out to Luda and his family.

An Interesting Contest

Are you a sideline hoe? Are you dating a sideline hoe? Did you once have to break your foot off in a sideline hoe's ass? If so, then you should enter Monica's crazy ass contest. Upload a video telling your story onto YouTube and you could win and iPod and/or a trip to the Soul Train Music Awards.

See, being a skeezer can pay off in the long run. Click here for official rules and all that.

Diddy's Kids Still Actin' Up!

Well, I hear that Justin Combs got in a ton of trouble when his parents saw those pictures of him getting a lapdance in the club. A thorough whooping should suffice, I think. Now, here is a video of Justin (in the green) dancing around to several ridiculous songs with Quincy (Kim and Al B. Sure's son) and a bunch of their friends.

Everything seems all well and good; just some kids playing around having fun - until point 2:20 when R.Kelly's "Bump & Grind" comes on and Justin starts to get a little too freaky. Where are the parents and why aren't they breaking switches off thes kids' asses?

JD Does It All

Jay-Z and Diddy better make room in the closet for Jermaine Dupri.

The newly appointed Island Records President is getting into the fashion fray with his own clothing line.

He revealed plans about a partnereship with rocker Travis Barker (of Blink 182 and + 44) and his clothing company, Famous Stars and Straps, to introduce a capsule collection of co-branded clothing.

"For the longest, everyone's been asking me when I was going to start a So So Def clothing line and why I didn't already have one," Dupri told The BV Newwire this afternoon. "And people always ask me where I get my clothes from. It's something I've been interested in for awhile, but wanted to create the right situation." [ source ]

I hear the premiere collection may include JD's favorite leather chaps. The ones with the platinum studs in the crotch just like Janet likes. They might be expensive, but you can't place a price on that kind of quality.

J.Hud Brings It Home

For just a second I really thought that Rinko Kikuchi was going to snag the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at yesterday's Academy Awards, but instead God was on my side and the award to my dreamgirl, Jennifer Hudson. Not only did she win her golden statue, but she tore up the stage with her co-stars, Beyoncé Knowles and Anika Noni Rose. Keep doing your thing, love!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bad Boy Is Right!

Looks like Jesse and D'Lilah Combs are going to be aunties before they even grow teeth. Diddy's 13-year old son, Justin, was receiving a lot of love by some local NYC hoodbeasts this past week. Photographers captured him at a party recieving hugs, kisses, and lapdances like nobody's business. Now where will the future of America be when all of our youth are parading around like this? WHERE?

Don't worry, young Justin; I don't blame you. I blame your daddy and all those nasty bitches grinding on your premature penis - trying to cheat you out of your allowance. Misa, bitch come get your child!

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

"I'm the 'King of the White Girls'. My boys would give me junk about it, but [the white girls'] head game is on a different level." -- Polow Da Don

No no, ladies and gentlemen. That isn't a freshly scrubbed Jim Jones up above; it's Polow Da Dumb's ignorant ass. It seems he only messes with white girls, sistas. I guess you all should step your "head game" up, so you can have a shot with him.

Fuck outta here, nigga! Sit your teddy-graham-looking ass down somewhere.

Nick Cannon Married?

Life is wierd. I take a small break from the gossip ring and all of a sudden I'm totally ignorant to the fact that marriage is the new hot shit on the Hollywood streets. I would have never guessed.

I didn't even know that Nick Cannon and Victorias Secret's new angel, Selita Ebanks, were a couple. Oh wait, they've only been dating for 3 weeks - that explains it. I hear the two met here in Miami (the new land of celebrity trash - thanks!) during Superbowl Weekend, and after a brief courtship they decided to have a secret wedding in Las Vegas for All Star Weekend.

I had more faith in you Selita, but now I have to bash your dumbass whenever possible. As for you, Nick - I already knew you were lame. I don't know what these hoes see in you, but I guess having a grown man cry in bed lights this chick's fire.

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Ozone: How did you meet?

Groupie: I met him at an after party that was held in a club I use to work at.

Ozone: So what happened?

Groupie: We talked for awhile, had a few drinks and what not, then a few hours later he said he was leaving to go to his hotel room and asked if I wanted to come with him. I was all for it so I went with him.

Ozone: How was it?

Groupie: He's okay. Not the best lay I've had, but he wasn't that bad either. What really scared me is when he busted he cried. I was like okay this guy is weird.

Ozone: How long did you mess with him?

Groupie: For like 2 months.

Ozone: So you would recommend him?

Groupie: If you can deal with his crying, yeah I guess.

Ozone: Are there any celebrities you would want to sleep with?

Groupie: Yes, a whole lot more.

Ozone: So would you be offended if someone called you a groupie?

Groupie: No, I'll laugh.

Need More B'Day?

Music World and Columbia Records are releasing a deluxe edition of B'Day on April 3rd. The 3 disc "collectors item" will feature all the songs from the original album plus loads of new tracks - some of which feature Beyoncé trying to sing in spanish (bitch swears she's Dominican or something). Along with the new music will come a DVD holding a ton of footage including several never-before-seen videos that Be shot just recently.

Check out the tracklisting below.

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Disc 1:
01. Deja Vu (Feat. Jay-Z)
02. Get Me Bodied
03. Suga Mama
04. Upgrade U (Feat. Jay-Z)
05. Ring The Alarm
06. Kitty Kat
07. Freakum Dress
08. Green Light
09. Irreplaceable
10. Resentment
11. Back Up - NEW
12. Listen
13. Beautiful Liar (Duet with Shakira) - NEW
14. If - NEW
15. Flaws & All - NEW
16. WWW (World Wide Woman) - NEW

Disc 2:
01. Imprecindible (Irreplaceable "Spanish Version")
02. Amor Gitano (Duet with Alejandro Fernandez)
03. Oye (Listen "Spanish Version")
04. Beautiful Liar (Duet with Shakira) Spanish Version
05. Beautiful Liar (Spanish Remix)
06. Beautiful Liar (Reggaeton Spanish Remix)

Disc 3: DVD "B'Day Anthology Video Album"
01. Deja Vu
02. Get Me Bodied
03. Suga Mama
04. Kitty Kat (Intro) / Upgrade U
05. Ring The Alarm
06. Kreakum Dress
07. Green Light
08. Irrepleaceable
09. Imprecindible (Irrepleaceble "Spanish Version")
10. Listen
11. Beautiful Liar
12. Beautiful Liar (Spanish Version Video)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

.. New Music ..

Well, look who it is. Mya is back on the entertainment scene with a hot new record called "Lock U Down", which features Lil' Wayne (what song doesn't these days?). Mya fans have been waiting on her next album for a while. They need to realize that pussy-popping for KING magazine and beefing with 50 Cent is a job all in its self - shit takes time.

Play Me: Mya - Lock U Down (f. Lil' Wayne)

Ciara - Like A Boy

This is my second favorite song on Ci-Ci's sophomore album, so I'm happy that it was chosen as her second single. The video is pretty impressive. Ciara's choreography was on point, but that didn't really need to be said, did it? I think the false tattoos were a bit over the top and Reggie Bush was kinda uneccesary (I'm not hating) , but I liked what I saw. If they ever make a Boys Don't Cry sequel, Ciara is definitely the man for the part.

Usher Engaged?

SORRY, ladies, but Usher is officially off the block. Sources say the R&B icon is engaged to his longtime girlfriend and stylist Tameka Foster. "It's 100 percent official," said an insider. The couple began dating more than a year ago, but tried to keep it quiet - going so far as denying their relationship - but they recently became more open with their love. "She is wearing a beautiful ring," said a friend of Usher, "and he's been introducing her as his fiancée." A rep for Usher declined comment.

You know, I was enjoying these precious moments of Usher-free time. Now all of a sudden he jets back into the news loop. I don't appreciate that, but I kinda-sorta appreciate love. Therefore, I say congratulations to Usher and his tranny-licious girlfriend on their alleged engagement.

I know
Jonetta is shitting bricks.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jay-Z - Minority Report

This is another sad case of "Great-Song-Boring-Video Syndrome". I don't mean to sound insensitive, but with the numerous newscastings and documentaries that have already covered the Hurricane Katrina disaster, this was basically 2 minutes and 7 seconds of stuff we've already seen (with the addition of a rapper) . If Spike Lee's When The Levees Broke featured an outro by Jay-Z, this is exactly what it would look like.

Love the song, appreciate the message, hate the video - sorry, Joe!

50 Cent Album Cover

Whew! Its been a little minute. I apologize for the lack of updates; my personal life is getting hectic. My good friends Grey and Skyy have been helping me through the stress though, so I'm good.

Anyway, I'm jumping back in the mix of things with this - the alleged cover for 50 Cent's forthcoming album, Before I Self-Destruct. This is a very a grim taste of what's cooking down in Photoshop Hell and I dare you to disagree.

Well, it still looks a hell of a lot better than this shit!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Tape Exists

Well, thanks to my girl Miss Info, I was "blessed" with the opportunity to view the steamy trailer for Ray J and Kim Kardashian's sex tape...the shit has a trailer. Guess Kim can't deny this one anymore.

According to this clip, Brandy's brother likes the sweet taste of fresh twat on the rocks - if you know what I'm saying. I suppose the entire video will be released very soon. NSFW

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fergie - Glamorous

Okay, before I comment on the video I need to confirm that this is indeed the same beat that Gwen Stefani used for the remix to "Luxurious" - stop asking. I like this version better anyway.

Now, the Pea's new video is nice, but I'm finding a lot of the depicted shit very hard to believe. I'm sure convincing you that Fergie does not fly on private jets sipping champagne would not be difficult at all. Also, who was rocking those big ass doorknocker earrings in '94?

The only scenes that made sense were those of her pulling up to the Taco Bell drive-thru. She looks like a Chalupa bitch.

.. Caption This ..

pic spotted @ Juicy News

Cam'ron on the Phone With 50

You know, as a freshman in highschool, the average level-headed student usually dreams of the day that he/she can graduate and escape all the madness of senior high drama. Well, after watching this video you kids will see that there is no escaping it. Immaturity never dies.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Janet Confused By Groceries

Janet Jackson was brought back to earth during a recent trip to a supermarket with pal Missy Elliott when she discovered for the first time what shopping carts and credit card machines are. The superstar reveals her astonishing ignorance of the basics of grocery shopping in a magazine interview. Jackson, 40, tells V, "'I haven't set foot in a grocery store in years. And that's so embarrassing. "I kept going 'What's this?' First of all I had the cart and I was riding down the aisles, standing on it. And we got to the checkout and there's this square thing and I'm like, 'What's this, you guys?' "They said, 'That's so you can use your credit card' "And I said, 'You can use your credit card in grocery stores now?' Missy just cracked up laughing.' [ source ]

Grocery store ignorance is no laughing matter, Ms. Jackson. Jermaine is not always going to be able to rush down to Publix for your weekly box of First Response and king-sized Twix. The time will come when you will have to do that yourself.

Chris Brown Got A Boo-Boo

R&B star Chris Brown is working through pain on the set of new movie This Christmas after breaking his ankle on the basketball court.

The singer is hobbling around after injuring his foot in a "knucklehead" game, but still insists on performing at the Grammy Awards later this month.

He tells MTV News, "The doctor told me I need to go and get a cast and I was like, 'I'm doing the Grammys...' So, when y'all see me on the Grammys you'll know it's gonna be with a fractured ankle. If the right side is a little bit (more) swollen than the other side, you'll know why. I'm gonna still get through it. I've gotta do it for my fans." [ source ]

See, this is why I'm not too big on sports. If I break my foot playing ball, please believe everybody on the court will die that day. I'm not going to work, I'm not dancing, nothing.

And the Beef Goes On...

...well, I'm not sure I'd call this a beef, but it ain't a friendship.
50 Cent took a trip to Hot 97 yesterday for an on-air interview with Angie Martinez. Why do I feel the readers aren't suprised that drama started? Anyway, after a calm conversation with Styles P, Fif made some negative comments about Koch Records. So, Alan Grunblat of Koch called the station and 50 got to speak to Cam'Ron, who has business with Koch - bad idea. Things got pretty heated over the airwaves with Cam yelling like a 5-year old, and although 50 suprisingly held his composure, I doubt this is the last we're going to hear of this.

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Extra, Extra: Just so you know, Cam and Styles weren't the only people dialing up the show, Jim Jones also called in to clear the air on everything.