Friday, August 31, 2007

I Blame 50

It didn't take long for some fool to leak the entire Graduation album onto the Internet. I've been getting numerous messages stating that the Kanye West compilation is now available online and I'm not happy about it. Ripping CDs from the net before they drop hurts the artist - and this happens to be an artist that I like, dammit! I suggest that all you bloggers who are hosting the tracks on your sites for free take them down in a hurry, before Def Jam digs in that ass.

I know it was you Five Dimes. You ain't no good.

Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss

Looks like Chris Breezy premiered his latest video on 106 & Park last night - I can't be too sure because I don't entertain visual fuckery. The single is called "Kiss Kiss" and features T-Pain. The video was shot 5 mintues away from my house at Florida International University. Testicular Pain is actually rapping this time around. Suprising, but I still don't like the song. The overall concept of the video is average. Christopher being a bully is hard to believe (if he shoves me, I'm raising hell). I also don't understand the stocking cap on his head. I didn't think people still rocked those in public. In any case, this video is better than the last.

Who Gives A Shit?

The 'razzi had a blast outside of Club Mahiki in London last week when a certain Bajan singer decided to leave. I'm guessing that the objective in following Rihanna around and taking photos of her everyday is to assure her fans that she hasn't died. So there you have it, people. Mega-Head is still alive and kicking.

Saw IV Workprint

[ NSFW ]

This is a little treat for all my fellow horror movie buffs out there. Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures is in the post-production stage of the fourth chapter of their legendary gorefest Saw. The next sequel is set to hit theaters on October 26th - just in time for Halloween, as usual. The first scene of the new movie premiered at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego...and then it hit Youtube. I'm not very satisfied with it though. I expected more blood and/or guts and/or severed limbs. Whatever.

Check out the poster for Saw 4 after the jump!

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Janelle Monae Live

Make yourself familiar with Janelle Monae if you haven't done so already. The Purple Ribbon All Star has released the first suite of her album, Metropolis, online and it is sick! Here she performed one of the more popular tracks, "Violet Stars/Happy Hunting", at Criminal Records in ATL. As much as I love her, I still don't understand her hair. It reminds me of this freakish anime character from a show I used to watch.

Shocking News

Apparently, Trina's album, The Baddest Chick 2, has been pushed back from September all the way to the top of next year. My friends, I am holding a heavy heart. I didn't see this coming at all (bitch please).

Slip-N-Slide Records “Home of the Hits” will continue to make its mark on the charts with upcoming releases by such notable artists as Rick Ross (“Trilla” – 11/11/07 Slip-N-Slide Records/Def Jam); the first lady of Slip-N-Slide Records Trina (“Da Baddest Chick Part 2 Reloaded” 2/18/08 Slip-N-Slide Records); Trick Daddy (Album Title TBD: Slip-N-Slide Records/Atlantic 2008) and Dirtbag (“Dirty Business” Slip-N-Slide Records 2008 ). [ source ]

Yeah, this all figures. Maybe the Ex-Mrs. Carter should start a vocational pole-dancing and booty-clapping course at Miami Dade College to earn some extra cash on the side. Then, she can push her album on her own and won't have to worry about this type of thing. Either that or apply at Chicken Kitchen!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nobody Likes Liars

Apparently, there was some filthy gossip going around about Sean Kingston nabbing the starring role in the Notorious B.I.G. film. Who is to blame for the birth of this putridity? Sean Kingston, of course. Homeboy, went around telling folk:

“My management had told me about it. And then you know, I auditioned for it. And then I met with the director, the big director, and I nailed it. So he’s giving me a shot now, in being in the movie.”

Just when my heart hit the floor and began to disintegrated into nothingness, my girl Miss Info saved the day and brought the truth to the light! Wayne Barrow, who is Biggie's manager, friend, and executive producer for the highly anticipated biopic, warned her that nobody has been casted for any part in the movie and the search is still on!

So, is that how Sean Kingston's chubby behind plans on following up "Beautiful Girls"? With dirty, rotten, unforgivable lies? I demand punishment!

Check out for more info and audio of the quotes.

Have A Laugh!

Shouts to my homie Fresh for putting me on to Britney Houston. I don't care what anyone else has to say - this is some gutbusting hilarity.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sit Ya'll Asses Down

Rappers are still picking on Kanye West - this time very irrelevant rappers. Niggas be trying to drag each other down to get to the top. Shit is sad!

In a recent interview, MIMS claimed that Kanye
stole his sound, which consists of sped-up soul samples. He stated, "I recorded my album five years ago so I did it first." What this One Hit Wonder fails to realize is that his mathematics are all wrong. Allow me to break it down - MIMS (Music Is My Saviour) was released in 2007. If he recorded it five years ago as he says, then he would have been working on this infamous sound in 2002. Kanye's first album, College Dropout, wasn't released until 2004, however he had been using said sound to produce beats for other rappers since 2000, which means he did it first. Shut down! Get back in the studio, Shawn!

Another rapper shooting barbs at 'Ye is Wine-O, from Houston, Texas. Now, I have only known Wine-O as the dude with the eye-patch that's on the 3rd page of damn near every issue of Ozone Magazine. So, it makes sense for him to pick on Negroes he doesn't know. He took the time to record a track called "911" in which he took Beanie Sigel's side and called Kanye gay. On the other hand, he also called out 50 Cent, saying that his nuts are so much bigger than Fif's. That, sir, is pretty damn gay! Shut down! You can listen to the wackest diss record of the year at
Wine-O's myspace.

Kanye I have your back for today...tomorrow may be different.

Common - Drivin' Me Wild

While I await the release of Kanye's Graduation, I spend my solo time jamming to Common and his Finding Forever. His new single "Drivin' Me Wild" was a hit to me as soon as I found that he collaborated with Lily Allen for its production. Yes, I also bump Alright, Still when I'm in the zone. Sure enough, I love the new song and the video is perfect. It has just the right amount of humor and complexity that I love in my music vids. I don't really understand why Jeremy Piven made a cameo, though. Smokin Aces wasn't that damn good.

10 points to Gryffindor Common!

The Band Is Made

Willie; Robert; Mike; Qwanell; Brian
So, the live finale to Making The Band 4 aired last night on MTV. After weeks of waiting, millions of fans were finally set at ease when Diddy chose the members of his new group. While most people assumed that it would be a quartet, Diddy (predictably) instead decided to create a group of five guys at the last minute. Those lucky five were the gentlemen pictured above. In usual fashion, I'm gonna have to say that I hardly give a damn. I didn't watch most of the season, due to the fact that the estrogen levels spewing from my television set nearly caused me to sprout a breast. Men acting like women - shit ain't cute! Not to be a pessimistic bastard (ha ha), but I don't really see these fellas becoming the next New Edition. It's their job to change my mind.

In any case, I congratulate them as well as their fellow MTB4 cast-mate, Donnie, who in a turn of events only suitable for a Puff Daddy reality series, was announced to be signing on to Bad Boy as a solo artist. Yippee!

Sit Down

This past Saturday, Nelly felt the need to climb off of Ashanti and set his nipples free at the premiere of the Ivy Hotel in San Diego, California. Oh, what the development of pectoral muscles can do for a man's ego. This one is for the ladies - so soak it up!

Check out these photos and more highlights of the weekend at

DJ Khaled - I'm So Hood/Brown Paper Bag

DJ Khaled's video for his newest single "I'm So Hood" recently premiered. The record features Slip-N-Slide heavyhitters Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and Plies with T-Pain on the hook. Can I just say that T-Pain is completely surpassing Lil Wayne in the musical fungus department? He is on every damn song on the radio these days and I'm not going to knock his hustle, shit! Anyway, the video looks exactly like the first one if you ask me. There is a miniscule transition towards the end where Young Jeezy comes in for his verse on Khaled's "Brown Paper Bag", but I'm not raving about this at all. It could'a been better.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Vote No

Missy Elliott is adding flair to a new ad campaign for Doritos Collisions, Billboard has learned. In a TV spot that debuts Sept. 17, Elliott is seen working on a new track and then pausing to snack on Doritos Collisions chips. Inspired by the two different-tasting chips in the same bag, Elliott has an epiphany: her song needs two different musical styles. So, she immediately injects her hip-hop track with a little bit of country twang. [ source ]

So Missy is in cahoots with Doritos now. How cliché is this mess? In that case, why doesn't Karrine Steffans partner up with Trojan Condoms for a new limited edition Supahead size? And while she's at that, Lil Wayne, Chingy, and Big Tigger can film a campaign for the Logo Network. Let's all just find the niche where we belong and work it, hell!

Quick Quote

“Before I work with Lauryn Hill again, you will have a better chance of seeing Osama Bin Laden and [George W.] Bush in Starbucks having a latte, discussing foreign policies, before there will be a Fugees reunion,” Pras told “At this point I really think it will take an act of God to change her, because she is that far out there.”

Harsh words! Damn, first Wyclef and now Pras? Seems like everybody is shitting on Lauryn these days. Poor thing
lost her natural mind and I don't think she is going to find it anytime soon.

This Is What Crack Does

One thing I have learned about drug addicts is that they like to fight. I knew a crackhead who used to attack stray cats all the time. It's wierd.

Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil got into it early Thursday morning. The results: a bloody beatdown (just how I like them). I can't tell from the pictures who came out of the scuffle victorious, but I hear Amy was high, so she probably got a 1up on Blake's ass.

[Continue Reading...]

Don't you love how they made up, though? Like, "Okay, fight is over. Let's go grab some cigs!"

Read the entire story at DailyMail.

Keyshia Cole Album Cover

Is anybody going to buy this shit?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Remy Ma - Shesus Khryst

Will the real Lord & Saviour please stand up?

Remy Ma is out of her spit-n-shine mind for this fuckery. You don't know how badly I wanted a crow to swoop down and peck out her damn eye. However, at the end of the day, this is between her and Jesus (the real one). May he have mercy on her looney ass soul.

Who Gives A Shit?

I woke up late to about 10 different emails concerning last night's Screamfest Concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC. While many people continue to refer to the show as "historic", I honestly don't see what was so damn special about it. Besides the fact that 50 Cent and Kanye shared the stage for a spell, what happened that night that hasn't happened on some other stage some other time? Don't get me wrong - I would have loved to be there bopping to these Hip-Hop greats, but I think "historic" is a stretch. Check out more hot pics from the show at and go to MTVNews for a recap.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ya Gotta Shake Ya Ass!

Beyonce gave her fans a little more than they bargained for during her latest Toronto performance, when the dress she was spinning around in flew up, nearly exposing her tittays! The malfunctioning gown was undoubtedly a Tina Knowles original - there's hell in that there fabric. Anyway, this just goes to show you that if you try to wear a cape as a dress and mix in a megapowered fan you may garner embarassing results. Learn from a diva's mistakes and move on.

...just fuckin' up all over the stage these days, huh?

I Vote No

click for messier view
I am left speechless by the choices some negroes make these days. Choices such as leaving the house looking like the rejects above. DJ Envy and Murda Mamis Ent. (shouts to 1st Lady El) presented their "Paid In Full 80's Party" this past Sunday at Club Cache in Jersey. Apparently, Bud & Earl up there were among the few folks who neglected to rent Paid In Full at their local Blockbuster, because instead they showed up looking like they were dressed for a Rob Zombie Halloween party.
I would say "We've got to do better", but I have my shit together. How about you?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Milk & Cookies

Attention to the creator of this video: Jesus would like a word with you ASAP. Don't keep him waiting. You brought this upon yourself, now deal with the consquences.

J. Holiday - Bed (Remix)

As much as I like J. Holiday, I must say that I have been listening to that damn "Bed" song since March of this year; a remix is definitely in order. So, my wish has been granted. Chingy, Jermaine Dupri, and Nina Sky are all featured on the latest version - not exactly the folk I had in mind for a slow jam masterpiece, but whatever. Check it out below.

Play Me: J. Holiday - Bed (Remix) (f. Chingy, Jermaine Dupri, & Nina Sky)

Kanye on 50

Ahh, the English either love 'em or you hate 'em. Kanye West was in the good old UK on some kind of talk show where he spoke his mind on the battle between his album release and 50 Cent's. I don't how old this video is (I'm assuming rather old since most of this has been established), but I love how animated the audience is. British people seem to hate 50 Cent! Goodie for his big ass!

Question of the Day

The Hip-Hop bully is at it again. As the world should know by now Five Dimes is releasing his third mainstream album, Curtis, on September 11. Therefore, there is obviously a fair amount of drama on the fly. From the leaking of music and videos to issues with Kanye West, CJ has had his hands full. However, that wasn't enough. Now, there is a new record out called, "Part-Time Lover", in which 50 goes at Lil' Wayne & Baby. Saying:

"you make me wanna kiss you like Baby kiss Wayne/make you call me daddy like Baby do Wayne/damn that shit sounds gay it's insane/I guess that's the price the lil' nigga pay for fame..."

He even goes on to take shots at Fat Joe & Ja Rule, mentions Ciara, and cleverly refers to a lot of the popular songs on radio today. So, my question is: Can 50 Cent sell records without the use of controversy?

Listen to the disrespectful record here. Rumor has it Weezy already has a response ready.

Nicole S. - Whatever You Like

Author's Note: I hate this damn song!

Nicole Scherzinger was better off dolling it up with the other Pussycats. I don't think this solo thing is going to work out in her favor at all. Most of the material Interscope Records has presented to us regarding her upcoming album is lame. Prime example: this video. Running from the police, self-contortion, overly dramatic dance moves - Beyonce has done all of that and I hated it then. Do better, Nicole.

BTW: What do you think went through Tiny's head after she watched T.I. in this vid?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Growing Up Rough

Chris Brown has decided to open up to Giant Magazine about his past and hatred for his ex-stepdad. Grab a box of Kleenex and brace yourselves.

While growing up, Brown watched his stepfather repeatedly abuse his mother. "He used to hit my mom. He made me terrified all the time, terrified like I had to pee on myself," he recalled. "I remember one night he made her nose bleed. I was crying and thinking, 'I'm just gonna go crazy on him one day...' I hate him to this day."

Brown's hatred of his stepfather's abuse haunted him so much that he even warned his mother that if she did not leave her husband, there'd be a big price to pay. "I just want you to know that I love you," the then-11-year-old warned her. "But one day I'm gonna take a baseball bat one day while you're at work, and I'm gonna kill him."

I know how you feel, young man. Well, not really, but don't we all think we do. Anyway, Chris also confessed that he had a thing for fellow R&B/Dance artist, Ciara, but got shot down by her twice. Maybe she doesn't like yellow cake. Thanks for the honesty though, Christopher.

I Vote No

The KKK (Knavery Knowles Klan) flew out to Toronto in means of launching their clothing line, Dereon, in Canada. Oh, the excitement...yes. I hear all the mounties were given complimentary fitted caps and blouses made of natural maple leaves out of appreciation for their services. Gotta love that Tina.


Ozone Clips

Well, here are some of the videos from the 2nd Annual Ozone Awards like I promised. Before you go clicking away, please note that I am no flimmaker and my videographic skills are not top notch. So, if the camera shakes or someone gets in the way of your favorite artist, don't blame me.

I picked the clip above of Lil' Duval as the main video to give you an idea of what the overall mood of the show was like. Yep...dull. Check out the others that I had patience to upload below.

Watch Me: Plies performs live w/ T-Pain

Watch Me: The Bay Area gets hypy

Watch Me: Jim Jones & Juelz Santana present Best Male Rap Artist

Watch Me: Rich Boy performs live w/ Polow da Don

Watch Me: Buckeey & Tango present Best Female Rap Artist (please watch and listen)

Watch Me: The Shop Boyz perform live

Watch Me: Lloyd performs live w/ Lil' Wayne

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ozone Awards Recap

Well, I just woke up (took a piss and washed my hands) from a long night. Yesterday's 2nd Annual Ozone Award Show should probably win an award itself for being the most ghetto, most unorganized, and most confusing award show of the year. I loved every damn second of it. Let us recap, shall we?

Okay, first of all you should know that I run on what some call "CP time" so I was late to the Red Carpet which started at 4pm. I didn't stay outside too much, because Miami and Satan are having issues, so he decided to send some of that heat upstairs to us and your boy was not trying to get extra crispy. So, I shuffled past a few faces and went inside.

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Now, I had actually gone back up to the hotel when the show started, awaiting a few people who were attending with me. Apparently, those niggas are on CP time too. The award show began at 7pm - I got there @ 8:30pm. So, I'm only summarizing what I saw.

Like a real superstar I breezed past security and went up the escalators to The James L. Knight Center. Immediately as I stepped through the tall double-doors at the front, I was damn near KOed by the smell of weed and Black & Milds in the dark auditorium. People were already seated and a lot of sneak-in folks were walking around trying to find a free seat. Chingy had already decided to haul ass and pushed right past me. Guess he had a booty call waiting at Club Boi. I went to my table up front in Starville.

As I was being seated, there was a commotion onstage with an artist literally being pulled off by security. A shower of boos filled the large room and I was stuck wondering what was going on. The artist was DG Yola and he had supposedly been threatened and damn near killed on his birthday and security felt the need to draw him off before he could even perform his record. The crowd hollered "Play that shit!" in unison while Yola was escorted off.

Next up, Trina, Jacki-O, and K-Foxx hit the podium to present the award for Best MTV Jamz video. These women were dressed like three soft-boiled jackasses in superhero costumes. Trina as Wonder Woman, Jacki-No as Superwoman, and I honestly don't even know what the fuck K-Foxx was supposed to be. In any case, DJ Khaled's "We Takin' Over" won the award.

Young Jeezy and USDA performed and I looked for another bottle of Patron. They bore me.

Rich Boy and DJ Drama presented the award for Breakthrough Artist and Boosie won, but was not there to accept it. By now, it was about 9:30 and people had already started cutting the scene to get ready for the club.

Around this time is when I saw the host of the evening, Lil' Duval, who previously promised all the owners of indie labels, indie artists, and other companies that he would shout them out on-air. Charlie Murphy, who was also tapped as a host for the show, didn't bother coming to fill in his duty. Duval was a great host on his own. "I'm the best thing on this show", he claimed. I agreed at that point.

Lil' Scrappy and Crime Mob presented the award for Best Rap & R&B Collaboration. Plies and T-Pain suprisingly won. Insert clap here.

The Shop Boyz performed followed by Rich Boy and Polow Da Don. Insert yawn here.

By this time, an additional amount of viewers packed up and headed out. Rasheeda and Yung Joc presented Best Mixtape DJ to DJ Drama, who was one of the aforementioned additional amount.

Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freekey Zeke (album in stores now) presented Best Male Rap Artist. Lil Wayne won, but did not come out to accept. However, he wasn't gone.

Lil Duval came back onstage and continued his list of shout-outs and pronounced Lex Promotions wrong at first. So, I'm bigging them up the right way. Shouts to Lex Promotions & Marketing Group - the number one promo group in the south.

Rasheeda and Yung Joc came back out to present the awards for Best Radio DJ and Best Club DJ. "They dun ran out of presenters", Lil Duval yelled. Khaled won Best Radio and my big brother DJ Q45 won Best Club.

Finally we got another performance. T-Pain came out and sang "Buy U A Drank" with Yung Joc. After his song was through, Pain (with a complimentary bottle of Patron in his hand) took the time out to tell the people, "I'll take care of a nigga that I don't even know, before I take care of myself...coming straight from T-Pain heart, this what I'ma do for my dog". And on that note, DG Yola made his way back onstage, the instrumental to his "Ain't Gonna Let Up" booming through the room. The audience went bananas when they saw the same young rapper who was yanked off before come back and rock the stage. Directly after his song, Flo-Rida joined everyone on stage and performed his club banger, "Low" with T-Pain. Then even Plies came out and gave the crowd "Shawty". That was the set of the night.

Well, not only do I not want to spoil the rest of the show, I can't remember a lot of it (twisted). Just know that, Keak Da Sneak and Mistah Fab hit the stage repping the Bay Area. Brisco, Birdman, and Weezy F. performed last and I took my ass home. Like I stated at first, the show was ghetto, unorganized and confusing, but I had a great time.

You can watch the show for yourself on MTV Jams Labor Day Weekend if they ever finish editing all the profanity, drug use, and middle fingers out of it. Also, check back here later for a couple videos I took of the show.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rumor Mill: Ozone Awards Edition

The 2nd Annual Ozone Awards Show is going down tonight right here in Miami and all weekend long I've been at conference after conference walking past artists, DJs, producers, and random fools trying to convince me to take their CD that I end up throwing away anyway. With all the industry mayhem swirling around it's rather easy to catch on to some gossip. Now remember label-heads, I did not start these. I just heard them! Don't go pointing fingers.

First of all, I heard from more than one person that both Diamond and Princess of Crime Mob fame sniff cocaine and have been doing so for quite some time. I kind of find that hard to believe, only because I know basers and these ladies aren't that damn off. This is probably a rumor made by haters, but it could be the truth. And I hear that Webbie is also on coke. Rappers need to stick to ganja.

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A couple of people from Slip-N-Slide were upset with the lack of Plies representation going on in the streets of Downtown Miami. That is understandable, I mean, the man's album just dropped and he is from Florida. So, in the fashion of promotional competition, I heard that folks were tearing down every other artist's poster out of anger. Actually, I saw that with my own eyes. Don't fuck with Slip-N-Slide, I guess.

Did you all know that the reason Fabo from D4L yells like that all the time is because he hates hearing the same type of music everyday? He said, "when I turn the radio on, it sound like I got in the same CD". So, that's the explanation for the screaming. "I get tired of hearing that shit", he claims. Damn, I didn't know it was supposed to be deep. Ha!

That's all I'm going to say for now. I'm sure I'll find a lot more to talk about after tonight's show.

FAM-LAY - Da Beeper Record

Well damn! Were the folks at Def Jam rolling up enchiladas for a 3-month long fiesta or something? This song is pretty damn old and I don't think I've even heard it on the radio, but all of a sudden a video pops up for it. Plain disrespect is what it is. In any case, the record is decent and the video is just a bite taken from the Hewlett-Packard ads you see on TV. Nothing special, sorry Fam-Lay.

Sweet Confirmation

Lil' Wayne fans can finally let out the breath they have been holding and feel a sense of assurance. Weezy has annonuced that his upcoming LP, Tha Carter III, will be in stores for the holidays. While onstage during a Minnesota concert Wayne proudly stated, "Carter 3 comin' a week before Christmas". December 18th is the projected release date. Yay!

Let's all go out for pickled egg sandwiches and celebrate. Oh, and you can view the briefing for yourself right here.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Beyonce Perfume Ad

This is the new Armani ad for the latest fragrance, Diamonds, featuring Harpy Beyonce. I don't really care for "fragrances", especially not perfume, but the video is... well, nice. Plus, Be' got through the whole thing without busting her ass. Kudos to her.

Rihanna Loves the 'Razzi

When the paparazzi follow you around and take candid photos of you eating a sandwich in NYC, is that a sign that you've made it? I'm not sure, but that maneater Rihanna doesn't seem to mind the camera sharks one bit. Even while she is leaving this restaurant looking like she sells weed and hot Tootsie Pops out of her purse.

Kanye Album Cover

This funky little cartoon square popped into my inbox last night and is reportedly the cover for the new Kanye West album, Graduation. I really fancy it, I must say. Although, I still don't understand what this bear has to do with anything or why he is on every cover. Maybe that's part of the reason Beanie Sigel is convinced that Kanye is homosexual and not "gangsta". Well, I think teddy bears are gangsta in their own right, so there.

Just Say No

FRIENDS are concerned about party-loving singer Amy Winehouse after she was hauled into a London hospital suffering from a drug overdose.

The stick-thin star needed an adrenaline shot - and had to have her stomach pumped, Britain's The Sun newspaper reported today.

Her record company claimed she was suffering from “severe exhaustion”.

Winehouse, 23 - who ironically counts Rehab among her hits - has already told of using marijuana and cocaine. [ source ]

It sucks when you have to live with the fact that one of your favorite artists is a junkie. Amy needs a hug and taste of the Holy Spirit (and probably a bag of Doritos). Hopefully all will go well and maybe she will realize that drugs and alcohol can destroy her. I'm still a fan and will continue to have her albums in heavy rotation, but to hell with seeing her perform live. After I heard she was getting high onstage and spitting on people in the audience I declared a decent "Fuck that!".

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Vote No

Remember that chrome-colored Lamborghini that 50 Cent was pulled over in when he was very publicly arrested late last year? It seems that the sports car is bringing back bad memories because it is currently taking bids on Ebay. No confirmation on why Five Dimes wants to sell his ride, but if you want to take it off his hands you can name your price here. Oh, and if any of you get the car make sure to check it for bullet holes and nude photos of Tony Yayo. You don't want any of that mess.

Old, Fly, & Flashy

has been named the second best dressed man in the world by Esquire Magazine in their fourth annual list ranking the best dressed men in the world.

NFL player Tom Brady comes in at #1 while Jay-Z is followed by actor Daniel Craig, presidential candidate Barack Obama and New York hotelier Andre Balazs.
[ source ]

Where was I when the voting went down for this list? Jay-Z is the second best dressed man on Earth? Well, when you're feeding Beyonce grapes, icing her skull, bailing Baby Daniel out of jail, and still finding time to rub down Larry Johnson - shit, you better look good doing it. They may as well have given Spongebob Squarepants a title, too.

Pose For the Camera Now...

My friends, I am a tad confused. Did Tyra Banks not say that she was "retiring" from the modeling world? Well, if one was constantly doing photoshoots even now, wouldn't that be considered modeling? Just a question in my head.

So, Tyra and her good friend Heidi Klum did a shoot together in which they looked like complete lesbians (I don't mind) , and the pictures came out great. The forehead was back in full effect, as well.

More pics after the jump...

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Guess Who's Bizack!

Whoa! It's been a while. I deeply apologize for the delay in posts. I was out of the country for my grandaddy's funeral. You know, locating Internet access in Linstead, Jamaica, is about as easy as locating Jazze Pha's neck...shit just wasn't happening. On the bright side however, I am back in the game and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. So, stick with me.

Now, I have 2 weeks of news, gossip, and other slanderous filth to catch up on, so for today I will leave you all with a few words of wisdom from our favorite Hip-Hop brother, T.I./TIP.

"I don't think everybody's gay, everybody in Hollywood is just extra un-gangsta. But people are definitely two-faced, people are definitely soft, and people are definitely on cocaine."

I don't get it, but thanks for the notification, Cliff. See you all tomorrow!